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Winter Car Accidents

There are wonderful things that the winter season brings. There are festive holidays and fun times with family. The winter season holds so much hope as the new years brings new goals to motivate us to change our lives in positive ways. However, the winter brings some things that are not nearly as pleasant like winter car accidents. Hazardous road conditions in Nashua, New Hampshire can turn anyone's happy holiday into months of pain.

Just driving through winter weather is incredibly unpleasant, but an accident can make your days much more stressful. Accidents certainly spike at this time of year due to the dangerous weather including snow and icy roads.

An winter car accidents can cost you in ways that you may not have even considered. The first is the damage to your health and the health of the others in the car. Medicals bills stack up fast, and bill collectors are not at all sympathetic. If it was more than just you in that car when you got hit, how would you even begin to cover the bills?

The damage to the car is another cost. Having to pay high deductibles or for things that your insurance might not pay for is one terrible thing to deal with. But, how are you going to get to work? Who depends on that car? When you think about the cost, it can become overwhelming easily.

There are many reasons that accidents spike in winter weather. The first is the unpredictability of the weather itself. The weather can be predicted to give your area a dusting of snow, and it turns out to be three inches. If you go out expecting a dusting and you get stuck in a blizzard there is a potential for winter weather accidents. Another cause is reckless driving.

In winter weather one should be prepared to drive slower and more carefully. If someone decides against taking precautions and doesn’t drive slowly, they could lose control of their vehicle and not be able to stop, resulting in a car accident. A driver may also hit a patch of ice and swerve dangerously on the road and into oncoming traffic. Accidents could happen without warning, especially during the harsh winter weather.

There are some scary statistics for winter car accidents that would encourage us all to be safer. More than 800 people die in winter weather-related accidents every year. This statistic is a serious thing to consider.

Car Accident Lawyer in Nashua, New Hampshire

There are so many benefits of choosing a good lawyer for victims of winter weather accidents. They provide an empathetic ear, and professional advice if you are seeking help in obtaining compensation for your property damages and injuries

A personal injury attorney will help you find the best choices and eventual resolution for you. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand and evoke your rights but a lawyer can guide you through the process of filling a suit or entering a settlement agreement.

Are you a victim of a winter related car accident? If so, we would like to help you. Call Anzalone Law Firm, PLLC at: 603.548.3797 for a free consultation. You may also contact us to schedule an appointment.

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