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U Turn Car Accidents

In a number of driving situations in Nashua, it is hazardous, and at times downright illegal to make a U-turn. Turning the car at 180°, it is dangerous to travel with oncoming traffic.

This can cause severe accidents. Indeed, the majority of motorists are injured, and even die yearly when making U-turns. Thus, if you or a loved one received an injury by a motorist making a U-turn recklessly, you should contact an experienced automobile accident attorney.

Typical causes of U-turn accidents can entail making a U-turn where it is unlawful to do so; this makes a U-turn from a stopped position or backed position on the right side of the road negligent, reckless, or careless when making a U-turn without looking for traffic, as well as obstructing views. This makes a U-turn to a turning lane illegal.

Generally, the motorist making the U-turn can be considered liable for collisions regarding U-turns. Namely, if the individual was not paying attention, and neglected to check for any oncoming vehicles.

If you sue the motorist for the injuries you or passenger sustained as a result of the U-turn, he or she will likely make an argument that he or she acted illegally, or that you as the other motorist, was more negligent or careless in the accident.

If you receive injury in an automobile accident and the other motorist made a reckless or illegal U-turn, be sure to take photographs of any street markings or road signs which may help you confirm you were driving properly.

It is always prudent to take photographs of any automobile damage on your vehicle, and the other vehicle to prove who drove irresponsibly.

Automobile accidents are among the leading causes of all injuries. Nearly 6 million automobile accidents are reported in the United States. Among these, approximately 30,000 would be considered fatal.

Nearly 2 million entailed other injuries. They leave behind damage that is quite severe. The economic cost of auto accidents estimates to be nearly 300 billion a year, which is $900 for every man and woman living in the United States of America.

Injuries from car accidents can vary from individual to individual, from automobile crash to automobile crash. There are several common ones. Naturally, more specific details for particular cases can be obtained from a physician.

Individuals most often operate a vehicle, or ride in a vehicle with family and friends. Severe automobile crashes typically leave serious emotional scars on individuals, who have suffered severe injuries, as well as individuals who were present to witness them.

Treatment and counseling for post traumatic stress disorder, and psychological injuries which are similar, can be fairly common. If you were injured in an automobile accident, contact us or call Anzalone Law Firm, PLLC at: 603.548.3797.

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