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Drugged Car Accidents

In the number of fatalities involving drugged drivers, there is a steady increase which indicates that more education and research are necessary.

According to experts and officials, many individuals are under the erroneous assumption that there is no danger with marijuana and driving, as much as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Continuous research reveals that marijuana can impactfully impair the reaction of a driver in focus and time. What needs to be determined, however, is what marijuana level can lead to hazardous impairment in driving.

Police authorities across the nation make enhanced efforts to bring awareness and education to officials of law-enforcement in detecting drugged drivers.

Capable in assisting police officers to apprehend drugged motorists, breathalyzers are used to expose any presence of prescribed, over the counter, or illegal medications.

Police officers, in the past, could detect the smell of marijuana to expose the presence in an automobile of the drug substance. Presently, there are various forms to ingest available drugs; therefore, its presence is not detected quite so easily.

The opioid addiction and use epidemic across the nation is likely to contribute to the increase in driving while drugged.

Users of opioid can usually lose focus on the amount of drugs affecting their neurological and cognitive function. During the increase of usage, the effects which are residual can result in driving while impaired.

Under The Influence

With the legalization of marijuana across the United States for medical purposes and recreational use permitted in a number of states, driving while drugged has become an issue overwhelmingly prevalent on the roadways of America.

Motorists may face serious criminal charges for driving a motor vehicle while impaired by a controlled drug.

Due to the severe hazards it can impose to individuals on the road, drugged driving is illegal, much like drunk driving, due to the fact this can increase the chance of a collision, which could cause serious injury or even death.

Drugs like methamphetamines, prescription medication, marijuana, and even various over-the-counter medicines can have a crucial impact on the ability of a driver to operate an automobile safely.

These drugs may cause serious delays in timer reaction, and may even have an adverse effect on judgment, vision, and motor skills. Several drugs may even cause hallucinations and severe drowsiness.

You don’t want to try to drive while nearly falling asleep at the steering wheel, or see things, which may not be present. This is a thought that is not only dangerous, but frightening.

When drivers on drugs get on the road, they put everyone at risk, including themselves and anyone within close proximity.


Among the leading causes of all injuries, vehicle accidents result in 6 million collisions reported here in the United States. Approximately 30,000, among these, would be referred to as fatal.

About 2 million crashes involved additional injuries. They result in damage, which can be severe.

If you or a loved one suffer an injury in a vehicle collision, you should immediately contact an experienced automobile injury attorney.

A lawyer can evaluate your case, and provide assistance to discover if funds are owed to you to cover vehicle injury expenses.

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