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Cell Phone Car Accident

In New Hampshire, the texting while driving laws are plain and simple - it is illegal to text while driving. When someone breaks the law and causes another person to get hurt or die, they should be held liable.

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Why Is Using a Cell Phone While Driving More Dangerous Than Other Activities?

Experts say there is a reason why so many people are addicted to checking their phones or texting while driving. Whenever a person receives a text or a notification, such as social media update or email, it releases a burst of happiness known as ‘dopamine’.

Many drivers admit to being addicted to texting and checking their phone notifications while driving. Regardless of the emotions a person feels we he/she receives a messsge, even glancing at your phone for five seconds can lead to an accident.

Why are cell phones or Smartphones so dangerous while driving? Doesn’t other distractions, such as eating or changing the tunes in your favorite playlist or radio station offer the same effect? Not exactly.

Using a cell phone requires three things: your mind, your hands and your vision simultaneously. All three activities cause you to lose complete focus on the road. Reading or answering a text, email or any type of notification is like driving with your eyes closed or with blinders on your eyes.

When it comes to your safety and the safety of others, text messages and other notifications can wait.

Alternatives to Help Prevent a Cell Phone Car Accident

Cell phone providers and makers like AT&T and Apple Inc. have launched cell phone notification blockers to block calls and notifications from coming in while the person driving. For example Apple’s iOS 11 for iPhones and iPads released a driver safety “Do Not Disturb” campaign update. From the time a person pulls off in a car, their phone’s driver safety feature gets activated. So, instead of receiving an email notification or a text, they will see the following flashing blue notification on their phone:

“Do Not Disturb: You Will Not Receive Notifications While You Drive.”

This technology has helped prevent some drivers from texting and checking their phones. However, it hasn’t prevented car crashes and deaths. For example, when you’re dealing with people who are addicted to checking their phones, they can easily disable their safety feature.

For example, with the iPhone, all you have to do is tap: “I’m not driving.” Then you have full access to you notifications. Unfortunately, a cell phone driver safety feature doesn’t prevent that urge you feel when your notifications are blocked - the urge that you could be missing out on an important message.

As mentioned previously, all cell phone use while driving is prohibited in New Hampshire. If you have experienced an injury due to a cell phone car accident, you will need a good personal injury attorney to help you file a claim, and possibly help you obtain the maximum amount of money for your injuries and damages.

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