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Road Rage Car Accident

A road rage car accident can be termed as a situation when a driver uses his/her vehicle as a weapon to cause crashes and significant injuries to other road users or pedestrians. There are a host of factors, unforeseen circumstances that sometimes cannot be controlled, which can make driving a stressful task, and when driving etiquette is not followed, the result can be deadly.

Road rage accidents started making headlines in the 80s, and have since become one of the major causes of road accidents. A road rage car accident can be referred to as the extreme form of aggressive driving. It all begins when an angry driver feels irritated and annoyed at the other driver.

A good scenario is when a reckless driver pulls up or starts braking suddenly in front of another car without taking into consideration other road users. The end result is an accident.

Causes of road rage car accidents

A driver who loses his/her temper has a higher chance of losing control and the carelessness or reckless actions can cause a lifetime changing experience. Although anger is known to be the major cause of road rage accidents, however; heavy traffic or gridlock, tailgating, construction delays and detours, erratic lane changes without using turn signal, and consistent use of the car horn are also situations that can cause or lead to an accident. Also, common road distractions, such as texting while driving, and lack of sleep can also increase the stress level of a driver.

Being a victim of a road rage is a tragedy and can cause physical, emotional and financial distress. In a situation where it leads to death, it can cause a lifetime of sorrow and loss, especially when you discover the cause was a result of another person's anger.

According to a report from the US National Library of Medicine, the majority of the victims do not see road rage as a random event, but feel they were specifically targeted, which can leave them with long-term physical and mental health consequences.

Road rage accidents can result to injury and at times death, or even cause property damage.

A report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that, approximately 1,500 men (within the age of 33), women, and children are injured or killed. An estimated 66% of serious car accidents are caused by road rage. Thirty-seven percent of road rage incidents involve a guns. About 80% of drivers admit to being angry drivers at least once in a 12 month period. In

Many accidents are preventable. When you discover another driver has lost his/her temperament, ignore the person and avoid any eye contact. There is a probability that the driver on the receiving end is likely to respond with aggressive behavior in return.

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