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Airplane Accidents

You are more apt to sustain injuries or get killed while driving a vehicle or traveling on foot than if you travel by air; commercial airlines are among the safest method in travel today.

However, airplane accidents still occur; they are usually the result of an error in failure or judgment to adhere to the protocol, which can result in the landing of a plane crash.

Civil Aviation Accident Attorneys

All commercial and private aircraft are considered civilian aircraft unless the purpose is served as a helicopter or military plane.

Many of the accidents reported entail small airplanes owned privately, and helicopters, and at times, commercial airliners.

Nearly 2,000 accidents entail civilian aircraft each year are reported. This statistic normally goes unnoticed by most individuals due to following noncommercial crashes the lack of news coverage.

There are a number of factors which can have an influence or cause an aviation accident ultimately, which includes the following:

Pilots may make an error or miscalculation in judgment, on occasion. They may be held liable, regardless of intent, when such an error results in death or body harm.

When there is failure in aviation equipment to work as it was intended, it can have catastrophic consequences and result in lives being lost.

Manufacturers of equipment may be held liable when many of the malfunctions in equipment cause airplane accidents. However, it is the responsibility of ground crews and pilots as well to inspect properly all equipment prior to each flight to detect any defects prior to take off.

The Federal Aviation Administration oversees the civilian aircraft’s safe operation, and is requisite of all commercial, private pilots and airliners to adhere to stringent protocols prior to and subsequent to any aircraft operations.

Any individual who fails to follow these regulations may be held liable, namely if any neglect causes an accident.

If the design or structure of an aircraft is discovered to have caused or contributed to a collision, the manufacturer of the aircraft may be held liable for any deaths or injuries which may occur.

Attendants of flight service stations can be held liable if there was any failure to act, or if their actions were a result of an accident or a crash.

Any dilemmas that employees at a flight service station may encounter should be recorded, and aircraft should never be enabled to take flight until these issues are addressed.

Air traffic controllers, in the skies, are basically the eyes of pilots. Every pilot in the sky typically relies on the controllers to direct them on a safe route and even warn them of pitfalls to avoid.

If an air traffic controller neglects to notify of impending danger an aircraft, or guides airlines into making decisions which can result in accidents, then that individual should and can be held liable for any accidents as a result.

If you or a member of the family has been involved in airplane accidents, contact an attorney today for an evaluation to learn more about your legal options, rights, and how to go ahead with your case.

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