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Degloving Injury Accidents

A degloving injury, the tissue and skin of the hand are torn off, much like a glove being removed, is an injury that is an avulsion-type. This means the tissue and skin are torn away or detached forcibly.

The underlying bone, muscle, and tendons are left intact in the hand. A degloving injury accident is often a result of trauma: hand caught on a conveyor belt or in a roller machine; vehicle runs over leg or hand; jewelry ring gets caught on object to result in injury of single finger degloving; and the injury mechanism entail hand getting caught and pulled in at a velocity that is low.

The chief concern for treatment of a devolving injury accident is rehabilitation and reconstruction. Wound coverage is the key concern, initially.

The underlying structures exposed of the hand must be immediately covered for necrosis not to take effect. Crucial early motion exercises should be done.

Dependent on the severity of the age and occupation of the patient, injury, and hand dominance is treatment.

If the skin from a hand is still viable and available, the most effective option for treatment is to use the skin to cover wounds. This entails replantation and/or revascularization.

If the skin is not viable, however, a surgical reconstruction needs to be administered with a skin flap or skin graft.

A flap of the skin from the thigh, abdomen, or groin partially removed is a skin flap; the area affected of the hand is covered with flap so, over and around the sustained injury, the skin heals.

In cases more severe, a pocket in the abdomen is normally cut, with the whole hand inserted.

Where a skin piece is entirely harvested or removed from a different body area and used for covering the hand is a skin graft.

These types of surgeries normally require additional procedures to remove thin skin flaps, scars, and separate and release fingers.

Another treatment option is amputation namely when a little or index finger is involved.

This pertains especially for individuals who have no intention of undergoing multiple procedures, or don’t have any time for the reconstruction procedure.

Prognosis for a Degloving Injury to a Limb

Prognosis for a degloving injury is dependent upon the critical nature of a degloving injury accident, for example how much of the skin affects the fingers, forearm, back of hand, palm of hand, how prompt the treatment of the injury, and whether or not the skin is viable.

The treatment and severity can affect the function and movement of the hand. Hand therapy, to diminish stiffness and scarring in the hand, can be used.

Therapy can entail compression and scar massage garments to soften splints, scars, mobilization, and assessment that’s occupational to determine use range.

Additional surgeries can persist to improve cosmetic appearance and function.

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