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Space Heater Fire Lawsuits

Unfortunately, no winter season comes and goes without fatalities caused by the malfunction of space heaters.

Defective space heaters, sadly, have resulted in a number of house fatalities and fires within the winter months.

Little do most individuals suspect, while they strive to stay warm, malfunctioning heaters. They don’t expect heaters to short circuit, and ablaze on fire in their homes.

Many times, when homes are set on fire, individuals become trapped, and unable to escape in a timely manner.

Space heaters with defects, as a result, have been killed due to smoke inhalation or burn injuries.

If a family member was killed due to an electric space heater catching on fire, a lawsuit may be on your hands
for the following: the space heater was considered defective; your family member didn’t misuse the space heater; and the space heater was used in a matter for which it was supposed to be used.

When an incident so tragic occurs because the design or manufacturing had defects, your loved ones will be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Ensure you pursue the following damages in pursuit of a wrongful death claim: funeral and burial expenses; mental anguish; punitive damages; loss of capacity to earn future wages; and damages to property.

You should contact an attorney to determine damages for pursuit in the lawsuit, and any individual who should be held liable. 

You may, for example, have a lawsuit against the heater manufacturer, a third party, or distributor of the space heater.

If you have place a space heater inadvertently near a flammable object or fuel-burning appliance, then this action may result in a lawsuit against the space heater manufacturer.

There may also be a claim in a “chain of distribution” against various entities of the space heater, such as a distributor or retailer.

This is due to an entity becoming liable when an unsafe product is presented to the market, which has uses that are hazardous, and able to foresee.

A claim can be filed if the space heater is defective, or has released carbon monoxide levels that are hazardous for your home.

Recent Fire Statistics

Every year in the United States, heating equipment is responsible for thousands of home fires, according to reports by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

As for recent statistics by the NFPA:

In the United States, there were over 57,000 home fires.

Nearly 500 individuals were killed from sustained injuries due to home fires. 

Over 1,500 individuals sustained injuries due to home fires.

In property damages, homeowners lost approximately $1 million.

As for reported home fires, heating equipment was responsible for over 15 percent of them.

Flammable objects should be kept away from heating devices at all times.

An oven should never be used for heating; space heaters should never be repaired by non-professionals; space heaters should be turned off prior to going to bed; and proper fuel for space heaters should be used according to specifics by manufacturer.

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