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Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle accident can be devastating and at The Anzalone Law Firm in Nashua, New Hampshire, we are here to help you get back on your feet if you’ve been injured in such a crash.

Motorcycle riders are even more vulnerable than people riding in cars when a traffic crash occurs.

First, sometimes it’s more difficult for motorists to spot a motorcycle before it’s too late. And if a large SUV or truck hits a motorcycle, the outcome is almost always terrible for the cyclist.

In many cases, motorcyclists are ejected during a crash and if they are not wearing a helmet, they could suffer severe head injuries. This can be devastating not only for the cyclist but for his or her entire family. If the person doesn’t die from injuries suffered in the crash, he and she could face weeks or months in the hospital and may need long-term care.

So, if you or a loved one has been involved in a severe motorcycle crash, you should immediately call personal injury lawyer Michael Anzalone in Nashua, New Hampshire.

If you are a motorcycle driver, you already understand the potential hazards. If a car or other vehicle is involved in a crash, for example, the driver and passengers have airbags and seatbelts to help protect them. The vehicle also surrounds them, somewhat protecting them from the elements.

But if a motorcycle is involved in a crash, there in nothing to prevent the driver from being tossed and flung down the road. The potential for injuries is even higher if the driver isn’t wearing a helmet.

However, even use of a helmet and protective clothing, can’t fully protect someone if a motorcycle is involved in a collision. The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta offered a breakdown of the injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash. They found, for example, that 30 percent suffered injuries to the legs or feet, 22 percent suffered head or neck injuries and 20 percent suffered upper torso injuries.

And in New Hampshire, officials estimate there are some 1,000 motorcycle crashes every year.

Seeing that breakdown gives you a clear indication that there are many head and brain injuries stemming from motorcycle crashes. Brain injuries are difficult to recover fully from and the injured person may not be able to return to work for months, if not years.

In addition, you may suffer from broken bones, spinal cord injuries, lacerations and.

If your motorcycle injury appears to have been caused by a negligent motorist, we can try to get you the compensation you deserve to keep you and your family afloat as you recover from injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash.

Your personal injury attorney will tell you that you can file a claim against the person responsible for the crash. You have up to three years from the date of the crash to file a negligence lawsuit. We will seek money to help you with pain and suffering, medical expenses and any lost wages.

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