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Paddle Board Accidents

Stand up paddle boarding, in recent years, has gained considerable notoriety as a thrilling recreational activity and even a competitive sport.

Earlier in the decade, they were more paddle boarders who are first timers than first time participants in other outdoor activities.

Essentially, described easily as gliding through water atop a surfboard with the use of a paddle to propel oneself, this activity offers a great source of exercise, thrills and adventure to those who enjoy water sports.

With an increase in volume of paddle boarders, we’ve also seen an increase in concern over safety of this sport; thus, things can go wrong when appropriate precautions are not followed.

Common Causes of Paddle Board Injuries

Many paddleboard accidents and fatalities are due to drowning after the paddleboarder, for some reason, becomes separated from the board.

Paddle boarders are normally advised to wear devices of personal floatation, and to use leashes to make certain they are not separated from the paddleboards; however, several do not adhere to these precautions, and decide to enjoy water activities without requisite equipment.

There is also a risk in paddle boarding where a border can drift into paths of vessels oncoming, or too far away from land to make it back to safety in navigation.

Classes are available for individuals who have the desire to learn how to paddleboard in the Northeast area; these classes can inform students on the hazards of paddle boarding within their training sessions. The students are taught to use gear, such as leashes and lifejackets, to make certain that the risk of drowning is minimized.

Students are instructed, as well, on appropriate technique and form, so that they will have the ability to propel and balance themselves simultaneously on their paddleboards.

It is crucial for instructors to be alert and vigilant when training paddle borders who are novices. There is a higher risk among men women and children who have no prior experience with this sport whatsoever.

Failure to offer students with suitable warnings, or to act when they are in harm, could be categorized as negligence if that student sustained injuries during the course.

While many paddle board accidents are due to the personal choice of the paddle boarder to neglect any use of a personal flotation device, there are several instances when a third-party may be held liable.

If you have sustained injuries while paddle boarding, it is crucial to investigate any matter in case you may be entitled to recover damages which will cover your medical costs, and other bills connected with your recovery.

The likelihood may be that you can receive compensation for the cost of your healthcare bills, income lost due to being out of work, suffering and pain, or the loss of a family member who assisted in providing for the family.

Personal injury attorneys who are experienced and knowledgeable in paddle board accidents can assist you in your legal needs.

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