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Bus Accidents

In the United States, nearly 300 fatal bus accidents occur annually. Victims of non-fatal accidents are more likely to endure a permanent disability or severe injuries, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The types of injuries that bus accident survivors endure include head injuries, broken bones, serious back and neck injuries, fractures, whiplash and chronic pain. If you were involved in a bus crash, our experienced personal injury attorney, in Nashua, can assist you with filing a lawsuit.

Types of Bus Accidents

Here a few types of bus accidents involving passengers and drivers:

  • School buses
Charter buses
  • Commercial buses
  • Public transportation buses
Airport shuttle buses

Several bus crashes occur due to the negligence of either the bus company or the bus driver. Here some common causes of bus accidents:

  • Bus driver fatigue plays a major role in accidents. Fatigue may be caused by long work hours, lack of sleep or medication that causes drowsiness. Oftentimes, bus drivers are forced to drive long distances. For example, driving several hours cross country. Companies encourage bus drivers to remain on schedule. In this case, fatigue can easily set in for a bus driver.
  • Speeding at high-speeds. Bus drivers are required by law to maintain a certain speed level whether they are transporting passengers or not. Bus drivers who break the law should be held accountable.
  • Mechanical failure. Buses with worn out tires or bald tires are more likely to be involved in a serious accident. Companies that allow their drivers to drive buses that aren’t mechanically safe should be held accountable if a bus is involved in an accident with another driver.
  • Lack of safety training. Drivers who aren’t properly trained are at a higher risk of being involved in a bus accident.
  • Road rage or reckless driving. Bus drivers who ignore driver safety or become enraged by other drivers are an automatic safety hazard.

When a bus driver’s negligence causes an accident involving personal injuries, either the company that owns the bus or the driver maybe held liable for the medical expenses of the victim's injuries.

Were You Injured in a Bus Accident?

Bus accident lawsuits are extremely complicated. Hire an experienced accident attorney in Nashua who specializes in bus accidents to handle your claim. Anzalone Law Firm, PLLC are committed to helping you collect the maximum compensation for your accident.

If you or your loved one were involved in a bus accident, you will need a seasoned attorney to help fight against the bus company at fault. Many victims of bus crashes fail to realize that while they are trying to recover and move on with their lives, bus companies are working hard with a team of attorneys to protect themselves. You will need a tough attorney working relentlessly on your side.

Wrongful Death Bus Accidents

Finding out that your loved one was killed in bus accident is devastating. If your loved one was killed in a bus accident (either as a passenger or driver) you may be able to sue the bus driver/bus company for wrongful death.

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