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All Terrain Vehicle Accidents

Children who ride in all terrain vehicles, or ATVs, are more apt to sustain a critical injury than those who are older than they are.

Thus, while it may not be a difficult task to blame young children for the results of all terrain vehicle accidents, many catastrophes are essentially due to the faulty judgment of adults who may be somewhat responsible for supervising the use of these vehicles.

It’s a fact that children 16 years of age and under experience a number of injuries that are disproportionate when operating all terrain vehicles.

Personal injury attorneys are aware of the dangers experienced by riders of all ages in operating all terrain vehicles.

Skillful and experienced attorneys represent individuals who have sustained injuries in all terrain vehicle accidents as children and passengers who have sustained injuries in collisions when adults neglect to supervise them.

Virtually, in comparison with any other recreational activity, recent statistics dictate that children and grown-ups are more likely to sustain an injury of a catastrophic nature. Over 100 children, over the last decade, have been killed annually in all-terrain vehicle collisions.

About a decade ago, nearly 38,000 children sustained injuries that were so catastrophic they required treatment in an emergency room due to ATV crashes and rollovers.

Nearly 10,000 four-wheel all terrain vehicles were in use, and the amount of these vehicles continues to grow in use at over 10% per year.

Adults enabling children to ride an all terrain vehicle under supervision have a legal responsibility for precautions of common sense to be implemented to make sure others are safe, such as spectators, passengers, and riders.

The implementation of these precautions can be quite effective in diminishing the amount of collisions and their severity: we need to provide a safe area for young people to operate these types of vehicles; we need to provide instruction on the usage of these vehicles; we need to provide helmets, pads, and other safety equipment; we need to maintain equipment; and we need to use machines that are appropriate for the size and age of child.

To cover the loss, there may even be a liability insurance, namely if the sustained injury happens at a business, camp, or home of an individual.

Defects in the Design and Manufacturing

The various kinds of injuries related to all terrain vehicles may be because of defects in manufacturing or poor designs.

In these types of cases, a case of product liability may be pursued against the retailer, distributor, or manufacturer of the vehicle for the results in sustained injuries or fatalities.

While some all terrain vehicle products liability cases may involve defects that are well known are readily identified by the manufacturer or via product recalls, other cases of product liability may involve defective vehicles and they not be quite apparent until these vehicles have been used for sometime.

Personal injury attorneys consider these product defect cases to be serious. The attorneys work with experts in the field of engineering and design to assist in finding proof in cases of clients regarding all terrain vehicle accidents.

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