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Work Injuries

People spend the bulk of their time busy at work. Unfortunately, work accidents can happen anywhere including the workplace. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, getting injured is difficult to prevent!

Work injuries can lead to unpaid time off, expensive medical bills, future pain or health issues, and of course, the injury itself. In some cases, people often return to work before they are fully healed or well which can lead to an entirely different set of problems.

The Most Common Work-Related Injuries
  • Slips, Trips, Falls: There are so many different ways a person could slip trip or fall while at work.
  • Muscle Strain: Moving the wrong way, lifting heavy items incorrectly, and overexertion is just a few of the ways to strain a muscle.
  • Lacerations: A laceration is a deep cut in the skin or flesh. These sort of injuries often take place at restaurants, on construction jobs, and any job that requires the use of saws, scissors, and grinders.
  • Sprains: Tripping, moving the wrong way while lifting heavy items, and falling are some of the more common causes of foot sprains.
  • Repetitive Motion Injuries: When your body does the same thing repetitively it can lead to various injuries such as pulled or strained muscles.
  • Burns: Burns are often caused by working in a kitchen, in production lines, and even mechanics.
  • Vehicle Accidents: Delivery drivers, truck drivers, and forklift drivers are usually the ones who are injured in a on-the-job vehicle accident.
  • Being Struck By Objects: Falling boxes and products are usually the reasons behind this injury.
  • Machine Entanglement: Factory and production workers can sometimes get their hands, arms, and legs stuck in the machines causing some serious damage.
How a Nashua New Hampshire Attorney Can Help

There are times when a person is injured at work they end up in a sticky situation. Some people have actually lost their job because they were injured and couldn’t make it in and it didn’t make a difference whether they were hurt at work or not.

Been many workers have problems with their insurance companies. Some insurance companies work hard at finding loopholes, so that they either reject a claim or provide very little compensation to an injured worker.

A personal injury attorney can shed light on the legalities of your situation, as well as, any liability issues. Often times they do all of the research required and handle any dealings with the insurance companies and any corporate offices.

An attorney can help build your case, bring it to court, and help you get the justice you deserve. When an accident resulting in injury occurs in the workplace don’t be afraid to contact an attorney with any questions or concerns and see if you can have your case reviewed.

Have you been injured in a work related accident?

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