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Home & Fire Explosion Injury

On the job, on the road, or at home, or anywhere there is flammable or explosive material, burn, explosion and fire accidents can occur.

Fire, explosion and burn injuries are practically always catastrophic, with horrific suffering and pain, and permanent scarring.

Burns can result from various products, such as natural gas, chemicals, propane gas, broken furnaces, gasoline, defective equipment, and faulty household appliances.

Leading Causes of Fire Explosion Injuries

Between natural gas and propane gas, propane is much more hazardous. Individuals amounting to a million use natural gas, while over 26 million individuals use propane gas for cooking.

Propane is heavier than air, which accounts for the hazards. It sinks into lowest home areas, where it may not be detected by the nose.

Also known as LP gas, consumers of propane gas are four times more apt to sustain injuries during explosions than those who utilize natural gas.

For example, a man may be on his smartphone in the middle of a conversation while pumping gas in his SUV.

He inadvertently lights a cigarette before he realizes he’s putting himself and others in grave danger. Unfortunately, a gas explosion ensues.

Those involved in a gas explosion are 12 times more apt to sustain catastrophic burns or injuries in an explosion with propane gas than in an explosion with natural gas.

As a warning, a chemical is added to gasoline to provide a scent because in itself, gas has no scent. The scent alone, however, doesn’t offer a sound warning system.

Providers at times of gas or propane neglect to add the scent, or don’t provide enough information.

Especially individuals with colds, or those who are asleep, or don’t have strong senses of smell, can be at risk because of not being able to smell the gas.

Both propane gas and natural gas in households can be fatal if there’s an undetected gas leak.

The gas accumulates in the home, when that occurs, until it reaches a level of being explosive.

For example, when that occurs, almost any small spark can ignite the gas, merely by a turn of the light switch. This can cause a huge explosion.

There are times when various defendants are liable for the cause of an explosion or fire, such as landlords, utility companies, gas or propane suppliers, contractors or electricians who neglected to maintain and install gas systems or equipment properly, or the county, city or town who failed proper inspection of the home.

When an individual sustains injuries in a fire, explosion or burn injury, the law, science and facts relevant to the lawsuit can be complicated. They may even require not only efficient legal counsel, but engineers, fire investigators, and other competent experts.

Much of the evidence is damaged in the explosion or fire, which can make these cases complex. Nevertheless, what remains should still be investigated.

It is best to hire a personal injury fire/ explosion attorney to begin investigation immediately.

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