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SUV Rollover Accidents

SUVs, or sports utility vehicles, every year, are being purchased in greater numbers, which has boosted the amount of accidents in a sports utility vehicle.

Due to the narrow track of the vehicle and higher center of gravity, SUV rollover accidents are more likely to get into this type of accident than any other type of vehicle.

A rollover accident, in fact, in a sports utility vehicle is likely to be more hazardous than traditional vehicle collisions; this is because of the increased likelihood of injuries to the head involved, which can result in injuries, fatal and nonfatal.

Personal injury attorneys can commit to secure the most eligible financial recovery for individuals who sustained injuries in SUV rollover accidents.

Unknowing Risks Associated With Rollovers

The majority of purchasers of sports utility vehicles normally enjoy the experience in driving in a driver’s seat that sits higher in comparison to most automobiles.

However, this offers a sense of security that is false, which normally leads to drivers speeding hazardously during inclement weather conditions.

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in fact, is likely to exemplify the severity of a rollover accident in a sports utility vehicle.

According to the statistics:

Rollover accidents in a sports utility vehicle are likely to generate each year about 11,000 deaths.

In a sports utility vehicle, a rollover crash can increase the likelihood of critical injuries by over 36%.

Rollover accidents in sports utility vehicles account for over 50% of all fatalities that involve a single vehicle crash.

Of all single vehicle accidents, 99% entail rollovers.

Although statistics indicate that sports utility vehicles are more likely to roll over, not many manufacturers install a roll bar in the vehicle, in comparison to other automobiles.

Thus, whenever a sports utility vehicle flips over, consequently, there is a likelihood of the roof collapsing through the brute force of the collision.

The majority of sports utility vehicles, to date, have been recalled because of the continuous nature of rolling over, even as a result of not fulfilling the safety standards of the roof set forth by the safety administration.

Due to the ability to roll over, SUV rollover accidents have a higher number of severe injuries and fatalities because of run-off-the-road crashes.

The majority of these accidents occur due to inclement weather conditions, icy or wet roads, ditches, speeding, or various pavement materials, which alter the traction of the surface of the road.

Sport utility vehicles, typically, become involved in accidents which are likely to fishtail in run off the road accidents.

This can cause a scenario that is uncontrollable where the driver loses his or her ability to steer the vehicle.

The motorist, usually, will overcorrect the steering, and the sport utility vehicle can run off the road with more likelihood of rolling over.

Attorneys can investigate any circumstances behind the accident to make a determination if a legal case should be held liable against a vehicle manufacturer or another driver.

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