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Foster Care Abuse & Placement Agency Lawsuits

When a home is no longer safe, a child may be placed in foster care. This may also be the case when the child no longer has a guardian or parent to care for him or her, or when parents or guardians don’t have the ability to provide appropriate care.

If possible, the primary objective of foster care is to return children to their proper homes.

Many children, unfortunately, are placed into foster care homes which aren’t safe, and as a consequence, they suffer extensive trauma.

Intended to be a temporary, but safe home for children, foster homes normally have the extensive goal of finding a family and home permanently for child.

At times, a foster home becomes an environment of tragic abuse and neglect, although it is supposed to offer a supportive and safe source for children.

Sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and physical abuse can all be labeled as forms of abuse.

There are multiple reasons why conditions of abuse exist within foster care systems. Long-term studies, however, demonstrate repeatedly that the key reasons for poor foster care entail the following:

Frequent moving of children from one family to another; in adequate screening of foster care families; overwhelmed systems of foster care; and poor monitoring of children placed in an environment of foster care.

Foster care agencies throughout the state have a responsibility to protect children placed in various homes.

In situations where a foster care agency neglects to take notice of a deleterious situation, or the system neglects to implement required protections to place children in a foster care environment that is safe, the child may have just cause of action against an agency that is negligent for abusive conduct. 
Any involvement of a guardian may be required, because a child doesn’t have the capacity to file a lawsuit on his or her own behalf.

Lawsuits of Foster Care on Behalf of Mistreated and Abused Children

Where the placement agency had constructive or actual notice of a hazardous situation, and circumstances, yet failed to take action, and there was repeated harm inflicted on an individual, a lawsuit claim can be pursued against the agency liable for overseeing the dilemma.

It is crucial for the lawsuit to be presented by lawyers with experience to convey the importance of any life-changing circumstances to a court jury hearing about an occurrence, which took place years before, because the actual harm may have been done to an individual psychologically, instead of physically.

Personal injury attorneys for foster care abuse are willing to contest the rights of children abused, and commit to seek justice for individuals who have been abused because of a foster care agency’s incompetence.

With the use of techniques to achieve litigation, a team of lawyers can demonstrate successfully the neglect on the part of parties who were supposed to look after children placed in long-term or temporary homes of foster families, and can recover compensatory damages for their clients.

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