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Lead Poisonings

Your child may have been diagnosed with poisoning of lead. He or she is apt to have developed lead poisoning due to contaminants of the environment, such as lead-based ingredients in furniture or toys, or lead paint in apartments.

The most trusted and respected poisoning personal injury attorneys have experience in making a determination of where this exposure happened, and how to consider the cause of the sustained injury with testing managed by pediatric neurology medical leaders.

The nature of lead poisoning in children and toddlers has become quite pronounced.

Lead poisoning is a result of levels of lead building up in the body within a duration of months, if not years.

Lead poisoning, normally, doesn’t become detected until the levels of lead become fatally high. 

It only takes ten micrograms in a half a cup of blood, which is actually a low-level of exposure of lead to cause permanent damage in young people.

The exposure at a low level is sufficient to have an adverse effect on the development of a child’s brain, which can result in long-term damage.

Lead levels of less than 30 micrograms in a half a cup of blood can result in damage to the nervous system and brain.

Exposure to lead, at vast levels, can result in seizures, lack of consciousness, and death.

Typical Symptoms of Lead Poisoning

Associated with children who suffer from lead poisoning are common complications, such as: brain damage; problems with speech; learning disabilities; damage to kidneys; damage to the nervous system; poor muscle coordination; problems in speech, behavior, and language; and diminished bone and muscle growth.

States have passed laws, in recognition of hazards in children of lead poisoning, which require product manufacturers and landlords to remove from apartments any lead based products.

Parents can benefit from state laws with the right to file a lawsuit or claim on the child’s behalf who sustain injuries from lead poisoning due to premises poorly maintained, or a product negligently manufactured or designed.

In order to pursue the claims, the lawsuit has to be filed within the legal statute of limitations prescribed. 

An experienced attorney has expertise in the area of lead poisoning personal injury lawsuits. He or she should be immediately consulted to ensure the statute is fulfilled.

The failure to adhere to the statute can completely bar any recovery of damages. The child may not receive compensatory damages for sustained injuries.

Personal injury attorneys can evaluate all factors of the lead poisoning of a child, and can prosecute all parties held liable to the extent of state law to make certain that children of sustained injuries can recover damages entitled to them.

A legal team of lead poisoning personal injury attorneys are knowledgeable in the importance of these lawsuits.

They are aware of many of these children are in red of immediate, as well as extensive care to assist with their circumstances related to consumption of lead.

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