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Passenger Van Accident

For smaller outings by churches, youth organizations, and schools to transport minimal groups to their destination back and forth, passenger vans are used.

This can be more cost-effective than either the use of several small passenger vehicles for investing in a commercial vehicle that is larger; nevertheless, there are still safety concerns.

In particular, the 15-passenger vans have been under some scrutiny, and by some, are considered to be among the more hazardous vehicles today on the road.

If you sustained injuries in a passenger van accident, contact a personal injury attorney immediately for a case of evaluation.

Attorneys with ample experience have resolved successfully motor vehicle collisions that involve passenger vans on behalf of passengers and motorists who sustained injuries.

These incidents, frequently, entail corporate control or ownership, which may not be obvious until the filing of a lawsuit.

It is crucial, consequently, for an injured individual to speak to a passenger van attorney immediately after a collision to discover the most effective way to proceed with a legal case.

Heavy vehicles, 15-passenger vans have a high center of gravity designed originally to transport goods, instead of people.

The vehicle design, along with a lack of understanding by vehicle drivers on how to manage these larger vehicles, and inadequate loading can make them hazardous in the situation of a rollover.

In comparison to passenger vehicles like smaller vans and cars, they are more apt to rollover, and result in sustained injuries to individuals being transported on the inside. In regards to passenger van fatality accidents, 52% of 15 person passenger vans are rollovers.

This is in comparison to a 33% rate in rollovers in other passenger vehicles. There is an even higher rollover chance when the van is full.

In fact, regarding single-vehicle rollovers, 85% involve a 15-passenger van with 10 to 15 passengers onboard.

Basically, 15-passenger vans have a chance that is higher of a rollover without any other involvement with a vehicle.

Pertaining to fatality rollover accidents, 81% involve single vehicle accidents.

Safety Concerns Regarding Van Accidents

Beyond physical safety concerns regarding 15-passenger vans, there are other factors, which can contribute to a passenger van accident.

Typically, vans are used in various group settings such as nursing homes, schools, and churches for transporting them. The vans are being operated and loaded by drivers who are non-professional, usually, who lack familiarity in maintaining and operating these large types of vehicles.

If you or a member of the family have sustained injuries when aboard a passenger van, legal assistance may be necessary for you to fight your claim, namely when there is involvement with the commercial insurance carrier.

Van accident attorneys normally understand the fickle nature of several of these accidents; they aim to assist you in acquiring the financial compensation entitled to you.

If you want to seek legal assistance, it is crucial to work with an attorney with ample experience in handling cases due to a passenger van accident; you want someone who can represent you effectively.

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