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Dram Shop (Bar) Liabilities

In nearly one-third of all fatalities related to auto accidents, alcohol is the reason why states have passed stringent laws regarding dram shop liability to dissuade shop owners and bartenders from the sale of alcohol to the visibly impaired and minors.

Dram shop personal liability attorneys in New Hampshire are assertive when pursuing justice from individuals who have enabled the lack of responsibility, recklessness, and intoxication of motorists, namely when these actions cause catastrophic injuries or fatalities of unsuspecting drivers and bystanders.

You should contact a dram shop liability attorney immediately if you have been in a motor vehicle collision due to the use of alcohol.

Dram Shop Liability

The legal liability imposed on an individual who offers alcohol to another individual when it becomes clear that other individual is inebriated or unable to consume legally any alcoholic beverage is dram shop liability.

People must adhere to several criteria to consider filing a claim, such as,
the business or individual sold alcohol to an individual responsible for a driving under the influence accident; alcohol which was sold to an individual was the reason of intoxication, and the individual selling these beverages was aware that the individual was inebriated. This entails the sale of alcohol to an individual who is visibly intoxicated; and the victim sustained injuries due to the intoxication of the responsible party.

Concerning minors, the law is even more stringent. This imposes penalties for individuals who were injured by the minor, as well as whomever sustains injuries in a motor vehicle collision.

If a minor, therefore, is sold or served alcohol, the bar, restaurant, or the store which sold alcohol may be sued by the injured victim of a DUI driving accident, as well as by the loved ones of the minor.

By holding partially business owners liable for actions of their intoxicated patrons, state laws are stipulated to reduce drastically the amount of fatalities related to alcohol indulged within the state, and keep minors from consuming alcohol before they are lawfully allowed.

This opens another legal route to acquire full compensation for the victims.

A number of intoxicated drivers do not have insurance, which restricts the ability of injured individuals to recover any full value of entitled compensation.

Fortunately, this can be rectified through filing a claim against any business which aided the drunk motorist to become inebriated.

If you have sustained injuries in a DUI driving collision, or lost a loved one due to a drunken driver, a personal injury attorney with knowledge and experience can assist you to find the justice, and receive full compensation entitled to you for your financial, physical, and emotional losses.

Prominent liability attorneys with years of experience, and dealing with similar cases, can help you and your family recover damages for the value of lost wages, the payment of mounting medical bills, and any expenses out-of-pocket, as well as the value of suffering and pain.

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