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Elder Abuses

With elder abuse, the result can be harm or injury, which includes death; this takes place while an older person is under the care and treatment of a medical facility or professional, or likely even by members of a family, acquaintances, friends, or strangers.

The result of elder abuse can occur whenever an elderly individual is abused mentally or physically, neglected, sexually abused or assaulted, or financially abused.

Necessary Steps to Take for Elder Abuse

Many individuals, in a time of need, turn to the assistance of healthcare professionals to help with treatment of a parent, sibling, grandparent, or at times, the spouse.

Whether in a medical center, home health care, assisted living facility, or nursing home setting, one can expect that a loved one receives the care that is compassionate and humane.

That is not often the case, unfortunately. In fact, in the United States, there is a rapid growth in the occurrences of elder abuses. Thousands of elderly men and women suffer each day.

Elder abuse is a catastrophic problem due to, in our society, its prevalence; this is also because of the effect which it has on members of a family.

More instances of elder abuses are being witnessed. We also witness in the number of elderly men and women adults who become isolated, ill, lonely, and in despair due to neglect and abuse.

In critical cases of neglect and abuse, the danger done to an individual may even cause death.

Elder abuse can take a number of forms. You can immediately contact an elder abuse attorney for legal assistance.

Attorneys are active in handling a myriad of legal cases involving neglect and elder abuse.

Examples of typical kinds of lawsuits for elder abuse are the following: sexual abuse, negligent care, financial exploitation, physical abuse, bone fractures, pressure sores, fractures and falls, unexplained bruising, malnutrition, dehydration, wrongful death, and poor hygiene.

Attorneys understand the catastrophic effects which elder abuse can have on individuals.

Attorneys with skills, expertise, and knowledge challenge corporations held liable for elder abuse. Attorneys with decades of experience remain dedicated to holding liable healthcare facilities for the suffering and injury due to negligence.

On most occasions, medical facilities employ attendants unqualified, or facilities are understaffed.

In most cases, this is a business decision driven by profits by the facility’s corporate owners, instead of an accident.

This is caused by staff negligence of the basic needs of the elderly.

When a healthcare facility neglects to adhere to the standard of care expected, whether that failure is of abuse or neglect, the healthcare facility may be held liable for consequences.

This kind of action can produce an incentive for the healthcare facilities to be responsible for actions taken, and to improve on the standard of care better.

Through taking action, attorneys can help prevent subsequent cases of elder abuses.

Residents in nursing facilities deserve the dignity and respect entitled to all of us no matter what age.

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