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Firework Accident & Injuries

Within the first week of July on almost any given night, you turn on the news on television, and hear about the number of injuries due to fireworks.

Various senseless accidents with fireworks, from children losing fingers to homes being burnt to the ground, continue to kill and maim individuals all across the nation.

When these catastrophic injuries happen, victims are usually left with sustained injuries that are permanent, both emotionally and physically, which can scar them throughout their lives.

Firework accident personal injury attorneys represent adults and children regularly who are injured by fireworks at public celebrations, and at the home of friends.

There are many statistics for firework accidents. Fireworks aren’t merely for Independence Day. They have become a key part of our American culture, and are used regularly to celebrate other holidays, birthdays, and just simple plain old backyard fun.

In the United States, there are recent statistics to record sustained injuries for consumer products which result in these accidents.

Among the most hazardous entertainment products, fireworks result in annual injuries well in the thousands.

The amount of sustained injuries, despite local law enforcement and education to diminish injuries, have not decreased over the last decade and a half.

On an average basis, the number of sustained injuries annually has increased and decreased, yet remain constant.

In a recent report issued, some significant numbers regarding firework injuries include the following: nearly 9,000 injuries estimated result from fireworks; approximately 60% of sustained injuries occur in a month; at least six occupational fatalities were reported due to fireworks; for more than half of all sustained injuries, burns were the result; and children or teens under age 20 were involved in nearly 50% of sustained firework injuries.

Injury Types Sustained from Firework Accidents

Burns are far from being the only method to cause a sustained firework injury, although they may be the most typical injury.

Explosions not only cause objects to be tossed at high speeds, but they can cause various other injuries and contusions.

Respiratory problems can result from smoke inhalation.

Sight and hearing can both be altered from penetrating items to the eyes and loud noises.

Whether you are using fireworks, or merely standing nearby, there are real hazards involved. Typical injuries entail the following:

Comprising over 40% of injuries annually, the most typical area to sustain injuries are the hands and fingers.

The most typical injury of burns. However, injuries can also include sprains, fractures, lacerations, and amputation at times.

The head area was the second highest, followed by face and ears. Nearly 20% of injuries were to the face, ears, or head.

In approximately 12% of all injuries, eyes were injured mostly due to flying objects. In combination with other injuries to the head, over 30% of sustained injuries had an effect on the head area.

As for other areas to the body, the legs, arms, and trunk comprised the rest of body injuries, with nearly 30% affecting these areas. Burns caused most of the injuries.

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