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Extension Cord Fire Accidents

Fire due to electric extension cords can be catastrophically hazardous, from an extension cord fire accident to result in critical burns.

In the United States every year, in fact, electricity exposure can result in thousands of sustained injuries, and hundreds of fatalities.

Electric cords can be used to plug in television sets, computers, and other household appliances, as well as Christmas and decoration lights, which can result every year in electrical fires.

Holiday outdoor lights, many times, can overload on the electrical system of the home where appropriately rated wiring was uninstalled to accommodate a substantial amount of outdoor lighting.

An extension cord fire accident can be due to an overload of inadequate wiring. Every household outlet is designed to transport a restricted amount of electricity.

The use of outlet extenders with multiple plugs and extension cords can result in a level of current that is unsafe.

There are effective steps, however, to maintain the levels of safety around the household, such as: frayed or damaged extension cords should never be used; an extension cord should never be positioned under furniture or between a sill and window; under carpeting, tape, and/or rugs, an extension cord should never be relocated; a crackling, buzzing, or a sizzling sound that emanates from an electrical outlet extension cord should never be ignored; and extension cords behind television and entertainment centers should never be utilized because they usually produce an excess of heat while in use.

Indications of an Electrical Fire

There are usually considerable warning indications of fire due to an electric extension cord. These indications include a warm cord or plug that can create heat by pulling in ample power.

When there is a pull of too much electricity to computers, power appliances, lights, electronic components, and other fixtures of electric, outlets will usually buzz.

Any spark of electricity when plugging in a component, appliance, device, or light system is normally a sign of a problem with an outlet, which can cause an electrical fire.

Whenever there is a tingling feeling experienced through the touch of appliances or an electrical device, a licensed electrician is required for prompt attention.

Outlets which are warm or discolored, or breakers that trip continually, can require an electrician with experience to administer a repair.

Dimming, flickering lights, and the emission of sparks from the outlet should be inspected promptly by a skillful electrician.

Additional safety precautions during the use of electricity around young children should be stipulate.

This is due to the fact children can get shocked easily when chewing or sucking on an extension cord, or by way of the electrical outlet.

You should cover all outlets unused with safety plugs designated to prevent young children and toddlers from placing fingers or an object, of the outlet, into open holes.

Tamper resistant outlets, additionally, are available, which are designed to safeguard children from the likelihood of a sustained injury due to an extension cord fire accident.

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