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Tour Bus Accidents

Tour bus accident injuries can vary from broken bones, whiplash, or catastrophic head trauma, or even death.

The best attorneys can assist victims who sustained injuries to receive full compensation for lost wages, mental and physical pain and suffering, medical expenses, and other damages from personal injuries in collisions with tour buses.

Collisions involving companies of tour buses are typically caused by an overload of the tour bus with passengers and/or luggage, or even inefficient driving training.

Third parties may be included, as in vehicle accident cases, who may be liable for resultant damages and sustained injuries.

Using a casino bus as an example, it is likely that the casino may be liable as a partner, joint venturer, or the co-venturer of the tour bus company.

Potentially, the casino may be liable if it offered subsidies to either the negligent driver was the tour bus operator in the form of kickbacks or commissions.

Feeling to run a background check on a driver, for example, may cause hiring an employee with a history of operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, which places the passengers of the tour bus operator at an increase of injury risk.

Common Carrier Lawsuits and Insurance Claims

A relatively safe and efficient way, chartering a tour bus can transport many people in a tour group to their destinations.

Multiple parties can become likely defendants in a bus accident lawsuit for sustained injuries, which depends on contractual terms and relationships.

In the view of most state and federal laws, buses are referred to as “common carriers.”

This is referred to as an entity, which the business is to transport individuals or products for compensation from one destination to another.

The common carrier has the responsibility to a high degree of diligence and care regarding passenger safety.

Lawsuits that of most successful against a common carrier can result from willful or negligent acts. Courts of law, as with other claims of negligence, use the standard of “reasonableness.”

A reasonably cautious bus driver, for example, is expected to make stops at places reasonably safe for passengers, refrain from making dangerous maneuvers, and obey all laws of traffic.

When acts of negligence result in injuries, injured individuals may sue for damages. However, what’s the case of a drunk driver hitting a bus to result in injuries among passengers?

A court of law probably would not consider negligence of the bus driver, since an operator of a vehicle was reasonably careful, and wasn’t able to foresee the accident.

Therefore, a determination of who is liable for a bus collision injury may, at first, seem uncomplicated. However, this is not always crystal clear.

There is an array of various entities which could be held liable for an accident involving a bus. It could be the individual driver, the company contracted to offer bus service to a school, or even the school district.

Various parties could be held liable for contributing to negligence, if they are the least bit partial to blame for causing the injury in the collision.

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