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Greyhound Bus Accident

A number of accidents recently involve large charter buses. These crashes caused many to question the safety, policies, and procedures of bus companies, which include Greyhound.

It is not uncommon for Greyhound to cut corners to achieve the bottom line. Measures should be taken adequately to protect passengers, safeguard innocent bystanders, and prevent accidents.

Bus fares on the cheap can come at a price ultimately. This can result in catastrophic consequences for bus passengers, as well as individuals who share roadways with buses from prestigious bus companies, which provide these inexpensive bus fares.

Safety that is compromised normally entails inadequate employee training programs, maintenance, and the use of poor equipment.

Common Causes of Greyhound Bus Collisions

When a bus is not inspected or maintained regularly for safety concerns, an elevated risk ensues for vital components of the vehicle to fail. This can cause the bus driver to lose control, and have the inability to prevent a collision.

If a collision is caused by a component or device with defects, then it is the responsibility of the manufacturer and the bus company to offer compensation to individuals harmed, should defective equipment result in bodily harm or property damage.

Several commercial drivers are stuck working longer shifts, and receive much less rest between shifts, which goes contrary to laws that regulate shifts, and required rest to operate a commercial vehicle safely.

Many a bus driver falsifies logbooks for longer shifts, or become enticed to work longer than legally sufficient.

Distractions and fatigue from mobile devices such as smartphones and other electronics can boost reaction time. This can cause difficulty for bus drivers to prevent collisions in appropriate reaction time.

The use of drug and alcohol by operators of buses can be a problem. In the event that a bus driver is found to be inebriated, or under the influence of drugs during a collision, that individual can be held liable for property damage and sustained injuries.

It is the responsibility of an employer to make sure bus drivers don’t possess a history of substance abuse and reckless behavior. Bus drivers should be tested regularly to make sure they adhere to the law.

If you become embroiled in a bus accident with Greyhound, essentially, you should know your rights prior to a pursuit of a lawsuit, or in ceding to a settlement.

Your out-of-pocket expenses, suffering and pain, and medical bills are included in compensation of damages. This compensation amount equals the compensatory toll of sustained injuries.

You may have suffered catastrophic injuries, which have an extensive economic effect; your quality of living may have been altered permanently. Thus, it can be a challenge to place value on long-term care, suffering and pain.

While riding on a Greyhound bus, if you have been injured, or occupied another vehicle embroiled in a bus accident, you may be able to receive entitled compensation for paying out-of-pocket expenses, and medical treatment caused by sustained injuries.

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