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Causes of Bus Accidents

Similar to accidents which cause other vehicle collisions, are the causes of bus accidents.

Lack of experience, driver distraction, speed, and alcohol lead the list of causes of bus accidents.

For example, in one case, a driver decided to text, which took her attention briefly off the highway ahead.

When she crossed accidentally into oncoming traffic, she over-corrected, maneuvered the bus off the highway, and collided.

Bus accidents may not be common, but the crashes can result in unexpected expenses and key life disruption.

If you were injured in a bus collision, you may be entitled to seek full compensation for sustained injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and various damages.

Typical bus accident causes entail negligence or driver distraction, vastly populated areas with little room to maneuver, problems with construction and road conditions, equipment defects and vehicle handling dilemmas, problems of weight distribution to affect stability in the vehicle, and vehicle structure and lack of protection for passengers.

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A personal injury bus accident attorney can review the likelihood for you to receive compensation for your vehicle collision, or other sustained injury case.

There may be some factors of convenience to consider in the use of a bus, but it’s vital to keep in mind they are heavy, colossal vehicles on roadways, which can be a catastrophic collision risk.

There are a number of causes of bus accidents, much like automobile accidents. However, the collisions are typically more severe due to weight and size of a bus.

Typically, a school bus fully loaded can weight over 40,000 pounds, while a passenger automobile of average size weighs approximately 3,000 pounds.

Due to the laws of physics and disparity in size, any crash between a bus and a smaller passenger vehicle can result in catastrophic, and fatal injuries.

Here are several typical causes to involve bus collisions: left turns, blind spots, bus fires, inclement weather, negligence of a bus company, negligence of a bus driver, fatigue of a bus driver, and another vehicle operator.

Making a determination of what causes the bus accident is crucial. This can decide who is liable for the injuries and damages.

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