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Motorists Injured in Crashes with Buses

You do not want to be late while operating a vehicle behind a school bus. Many a motorist may take extra caution to make a complete stop on the road, practice safety, and watch for young children, but vehicle accidents still do occur.

At an average of nearly 200 people, annually, many are killed in school-related transportation collisions, and those who are injured are in the hundreds.

In relation to the safety of school buses, the most secure place to ride is on a bus actually.

Bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians, comprise over 90% of fatalities each year in these kinds of accidents.

For example, you are off to the workplace early in the morning on your routine commute. Peeking over the hills is the sun, as it cuts directly through the crisp autumn air into a sleepy driver’s eyes.

A bus driver makes a turn directly in front as he or she approaches the next intersection. The bus turns on its flashing lights, and slows down to make a complete stop. However, the motorist behind fails to do the same.

Behind the bus, you make a complete stop with your vehicle, then suddenly, you are hit in the rear by a truck.

Catching up on social media posts on his or her smartphone, the driver neglected to see your vehicle or the bus until too little, too late.

Collisions in the rear of vehicles are the most typical among vehicle accidents reported.

According to statistics, about 3/4 of all fatalities entail school buses involved with operators of other motor vehicles.

Accidents sustained from these injuries, such as these, can have a vast range, with a number of conditions unknown until months after the collision.

Rear-end collisions typically entail catastrophic head injuries, broken bones and fractures, neck and back injuries, a herniated disc, whiplash, or chronic pain.

Vehicle Collision Common Injuries

As for the kind of legal claim, the range could encompass anything from property damage to personal injury, or even wrongful death in a worst case scenario.

After a night of rain, slick roads can make it difficult to navigate turns while driving on a route.

A motorist in front of you may make a sudden stop, and you may find you are not able to stop the bus promptly, and may even swerve directly into a ditch.

Along with multiple students on the bus, as a result, you sustain injuries, which range from bruises and bumps to catastrophic neck and head injuries.

Many collisions can be avoided, but there are necessary steps to take to secure yourself and children on the bus.

It is prudent to have an understanding of state laws to stop a school bus. You can even go over safety tips with your family.

For example, avoid driving distracted. Whether cycling, walking, or driving, always keep a distance that is safe from any school bus.

These may sound likes familiar scenarios. You may have sustained a severe injury because of a school bus collision.

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