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School Bus Accidents

The bus driver pulled out, and you may have witnessed the the turn was extremely wide to get the bus on the road.

The bus hit your SUV, the passenger side, while making an attempt to straighten out. This dilemma caused some damage to the front bumper and both doors.

The police were contacted, and a report was made with no sustained injuries in the accident. However, due to the supply of school buses by the bus company and school district, a battle may ensue.

The bus driver may contend that you were parked extremely close to the school entrance. He or she might complain that size of the vehicle made it difficult to operate with a collision.

You may explain that the spot in which you were parked is where you normally wait for your children, and other parents have sport utility vehicles.

Thus, the size of the vehicle wouldn’t matter. A driver of experience should be able to prevent an accident.

You may actually win the lawsuit, in the end, as the bus company compensate for all the damages.

School Bus Accident Statistics

It should be recognized that a crash related to school transportation is a collision that involves directly or indirectly a school bus or non-related bus that functions as a mode of transportation for children to or from activities related to school.

There were nearly 1,500 individuals, within a recent timeframe, who died in school bus related collisions with fatalities of nearly 150.

Occupants of school buses, additionally, accounted for nearly 10 percent of these fatalities. Bicyclists, pedestrians, and other non-occupants accounted for over 20 percent of these catastrophes.

Over 70 percent of those who were killed in these collisions occupied other vehicles embroiled in these accidents.

Vehicle collisions, especially those involved with school transportation, are less than likely to be a result of intentional wrongdoing or intentional torts.

Negligence, instead, is normally the claim which is the result in accidents of motor vehicles.

A proof of negligence can reveal that an individual had a responsibility to behave a particular way, and that he or she had breached that responsibility.

Motorists have a responsibility to behave rationally; we all have a responsibility to adhere to rules in operating our motor vehicles.

Drivers of school buses have even more responsibility to care and secure children on the bus.

If an individual, therefore, has breached his or her responsibility, he or she can be considered at fault and negligent.

There are crucial steps, after investigating the accident, to undertake when making a determination of the negligence, and whether or not standards of care were fulfilled.

Such as an issue with the mechanics of the bus; whether or not a bus fight was a distraction to the driver; or if the bus driver made a swerve to prevent hitting someone or something.

An esteemed attorney can offer assistance to make a necessary evaluation of your case. You may even be entitled to funds owed to cover damages.

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