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Drunk Driving Motorcycle Accident

Individuals who operate a vehicle while intoxicated, risk the lives of many motorists.

It’s a fact that driving under the influence of alcohol results in approximately one death in the United States every 51 minutes.

More sobering is that motorcyclists are more at risk of catastrophic injury and sudden death because of the exposed nature of motorcycles.

A decision of another motorist to operate a vehicle while drinking can cost the life of a human being, in the blink of an eye.

DUI and Age of Bikers

When impaired motorists are operating vehicles, not only are they putting their lives in danger, but anyone else on the road. Motorcyclists, typically, must use extra caution without becoming concerned about drunk drivers.

A passenger on a motorcycle motorcycle, in some cases, may be unaware that the motorcyclist is under the influence. Naturally, this is capable of becoming a horrific dilemma, which may lead to a collision of catastrophic proportions.

Drunk driving crashes are usually catastrophic, maybe even fatal. This leads to an aftermath of devastation and confusion.

The key to a personal injury accident claim is evidence. This entails when an intoxicated motorist causes a collision.

Among the chief causes of accidents involving a motorcycle is the lack of awareness from the motorist of the motorcycle rider.

When a driver is inebriated, the ability for him or her to make quick decisions and react rationally becomes impaired.

Evidence of DUI isn’t always available to the injured victim of a motorcycle crash with an intoxicated motorist.

The motorcycle rider injured in a vehicle collision may need the assistance of a motorcycle personal injury attorney to acquire appropriate records related to the accident. 

Your wrongful death or personal injury claim needs to be filed with the BAC, blood alcohol content, level of the driver submitted on the police report.

For over half of all fatalities related to motorcycles, older bikers exceed younger ones. Research data confirm that over 50 percent of bikers who lost their lives in collisions were over 40 years old.

Bikers 40 and over died in accidents, which saw an increase in the last decade by nearly 20 percent. Fatalities among all bikers, in contrast, increased by less than 5 percent in the last few years.

Recent research confirms that 42 was the average age of riders of motorcycles killed in collisions. Thus, older bikers seem to sustain more catastrophic injuries than their younger counterparts.

University researchers cited declines in reaction time and vision as the major cause of these statistics.

Older bikers seem to favor larger-sized motorcycles as well, which have a tendency to roll over at times. There is also an increase in fragility as men and women age.

Contact an esteemed vehicle crash injury attorney immediately.

An attorney can provide assistance and make a necessary evaluation of your case. You may be able to receive funds owed to you to cover damages.

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