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Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Along with Illinois and Iowa, New Hampshire is among three states without a law for motorcycle helmets. The individual at fault normally must compensate another party for property and medical expenses. In addition to those expenses, they pay for pain and suffering, and lost wages.

New Hampshire Bill HB 1162

Somehow, state bills to mandate helmet use failed to pass recurrently in state legislature. In 2010, HB 1162 was proposed, but didn’t pass in the House Transportation Committee.

Those who opposed the proposal believe grown-ups should be able to choose to don a helmet, and men and women who ride a motorcycle without a helmet only ride at risk.

Proponents of laws to wear a helmet mandatorily believe injuries to the head cost all of us through rehabilitation, increased hospital costs, and employment loss. 

When vehicles share the road with many large semi-trucks, crashes between the two aren’t only inevitable, but can be tragic. Occupants of motorcycles typically suffer much greater trauma, which includes fatal injuries and other catastrophes.

You or a member of your family may have been involved in a motorcycle accident. Thus, it is advisable to contact legal counsel, which can be invaluable in such a situation.

Injuries sustained in automobile collisions can differ between each person involved, vehicle crash to vehicle crash.

It is best, therefore, to contact a physician immediately for more detailed information and cases.

Across the states, for the most part, the majority of Americans are either motorists, or ride as passengers with loved ones.

Severe automobile accidents can leave critical emotional scars on individuals who sustain personal injuries. Those who are witnesses of collisions can be devastated also.

Treatments for emotional injuries and counseling, post traumatic stress disorder, and injuries of a similar nature can basically be common.

You or a family member may have sustained a personal injury in a vehicle collision. Contact an esteemed vehicle crash injury attorney immediately.

An attorney can provide assistance and make a necessary evaluation of your case. You may be entitled to funds owed to you to cover damages.

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