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Aviation Pilot Error Accidents

It is the responsibility of every pilot to transport passengers safely to destinations, and take the necessary measures to protect individuals when meeting circumstances that may be unforeseen during a flight.

When aviation pilot error accidents result in the loss of life or sustained injuries, the pilot during an investigation becomes the center of what may have caused the crash.

About half of the time, a pilot may be accountable in some way because of an error in judgment, miscalculation, or failure to act.

While no individual can be expected to achieve perfection, it is reasonable entirely to acquire about recovering damages when the pilot is at-fault due to critical injuries, or the fatality of travelers.

By the FAA, or the Federal Aviation Administration, commercial pilots are subject to scrutiny that is much more stringent, and must follow specific protocol and rules, which are intended to diminish the likelihood of an aviation accident.

It is true that private pilots are never held to the exact standards, and toward these pilots, leniency is reflected in the rate of error among pilots in comparison to their commercial pilot counterparts.

Regarding aviation pilot error accidents, a whopping 83% are caused by these errors during private flights. Naturally, much more can be expected of commercial pilots, but private aviators are held liable equally when this type of error is caused by an aviation accident.

This type of liability can be extended to the owner of the aircraft or the employer of the pilot. Pertaining to commercial accidents, the airline could be determined liable in addition to an air pilot.

Aircraft Piloting Errors Result in Crashes

Whether the pilot breached his or her duty of care, that is what constitutes an aviator error.

So the question is...what would another pilot do under identical or similar circumstances?

Kinds of errors made by pilots may be caused by the following:

A neglect to communicate with air traffic controllers, or misunderstanding directions.

A miscalculation of altitude, location, or velocity.

Errors in navigation, usually a result of turbulence or a shift in weather conditions.

Incorrect use of landing gear, safety devices, flaps, or other types of equipment.

A failure to monitor levels of fuel, which may cause a need to make a landing in an emergency.

Not administering regular preflight checks to make certain that equipment works properly, and all safety devices are operational and have been accounted for appropriately.

When a failure or mistake to adhere to safe operational procedures cause aviation pilot error accidents, it is reasonable to expect that a pilot must be held liable, and that the aircraft owner offers financial compensation to individuals who sustained injuries.

If you or a member of your family have sustained injuries, or that individual was killed due to an aviation accident, it is critical to be aware of your legal options and rights.

In fact, you may be entitled to recover damages to cover any cost of medical bills, as well as lost income due to an inability to work, suffering and pain, and loss of life.

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