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Car Accidents at Intersections & Stoplights

At Anzalone Law Firm, PLLC we know that severe automobile accidents can have fatal consequences. We are renowned for fighting diligently on behalf of those who are injured, and their loved ones. When seeking damages against negligent motorists, we make sure our clients receive first-rate legal guidance.

Annually, a number of preventable collisions happen due to drivers running red lights. According to Federal Highway Administration Numbers, about 2.5 million auto collisions take place in intersections annually.

In a given year, this accounts for 40 percent of all automobile crashes. Various statistics suggest that about 50 percent of all fatal car accidents take place at intersections. Moreover, there’s an estimate that 20 percent of all car collision fatalities take place at intersections.

As for running red lights, approximately 165,000 car crashes annually are a result of a vehicle running a red light. There are between 700 and 800 fatalities on average per year due to someone running a stop light.

Your risk of critical collisions and automobile accidents increase if you do decide to run a red light. You see this especially at four-way stops with dangerous side and t-bone collisions. Injuries can be severe caused by these types of crashes.

Running a red light can increase any chances of crashing into a vulnerable pedestrian or bicyclist, in addition to serious impacts with other automobiles.

There are a number of reasons why individuals run or neglect red lights. According to motorists and law enforcement officials in New Hampshire, here are several reasons for stop light collisions:

Using a smartphone while driving, drunk driving, speeding, texting while driving, poor weather conditions, reckless driving, driver distraction, stop light is poorly placed or obscured, and impatience/running tardy. These reasons certainly don’t justify the harm which may be caused by an individual running a stop light.

Among the most typical reasons motorists run red lights is that they speed to beat a yellow light. The purpose of a yellow light is to caution motorists of any expected stop light. Opposed to increasing speed, it is crucial for drivers to slow down as they come to a light. When a motorist speeds up to beat a yellow light, he or she may end up barreling through a red light. The motorist may likely harm pedestrians, bicyclists, or other motorists.

There are instances in which malfunctioning traffic signals lead to intersection accidents, in addition to other collision issues. The light malfunction, in these cases, could cause motorists to receive the incorrect light, which signals them to go ahead through an intersection.

These are rare instances, but if they were to occur, it is crucial that local authorities and governments in New Hampshire are held liable.

You want to use common sense behind the car wheel. You shouldn’t text while you drive. You should slow down at yellow lights (within reason), and stop completely at red lights.

It’s a good idea to look both ways at a green light before proceeding. This can help to avoid motorists who may run a red light while driving perpendicular to your automobile.

Personal Injury From Car Accidents at Intersections & Stoplights

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