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Head-On Collisions

A head-on collision is one of the worst types of traffic accidents you can be involved in.

These crashes are almost always catastrophic just because of the sheer force of two vehicles, typically traveling at high speeds, colliding with each other. There are usually serious injuries or even fatalities.

If you, or a loved one, were injured or killed in a head-on collision, please contact attorney Michael Anzalone in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Michael Anzalone can help you get through this difficult time.

There are many reasons that head-on crashes occur. Sometimes they involve drivers who have had too much to drink or who are under the influence of drugs. Other crashes are caused by drivers who lose control of their vehicles because they are going too fast. Still other crashes can be caused by unsafe road conditions, driving recklessly, driving while fatigued or even driving on the wrong side of the road.

As a driver, you understand it only takes a millisecond to take your eyes off the road, drift into another lane and cause a head-on crash.

And as previously stated, many head-on crashes cause fatalities or severe injuries. The range of injuries that can be suffered in a head-on crash include, being injured by the airbag deploying, broken bones, spinal cord or neck or back injuries, or even traumatic brain or head injuries.

Any first responder can attest to how serious these kinds of crashes are. Sometimes people have to be cut from their vehicles.

What can Victims Do?

If you have been a victim of a head-on collision _ whether you were injured or have a loved one who died as a result of a crash _ you should contact New Hampshire head-on crash lawyer Michael Anzalone. You don’t have to walk this journey alone. Michael Anzalone and his staff at The Anzalone Law Firm will do everything they can to help you get your life back on track after a serious head-on crash.

We can seek compensation from the driver who caused the crash. A personal injury claim can help you recover medical expense and lost wages. We can also help coordinate insurance benefits for your best interests.

We will use experts to help re-enact the crash so we can determine who was at fault. And experts will be able to testify about your injuries and how they may have kept you from performing your duties at work. In addition, we can help get compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve been confronted with since the crash.

One thing to remember is that as you recover from injuries suffered in the crash, you will still have to pay your bills. And you’ll have medical bills, expenses for getting your car repaired or replaced if it’s been totaled, and insurance benefits that will have to be coordinated between your policy and the policy of the person who hit you.

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