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Car Accident Injury Statistics

Over 1 million people are killed in automobile crashes annually, which is on average over 3000 deaths per day. Additionally, approximately 50 million individuals are disabled or injured.

Over half of every automobile traffic deaths happen among young adults over 15 years old, and less than 44 years old. Automobile traffic crashes are among the top ten leading causes of death, which account for over two percent of every death across the globe.

Car crashes are among the leading causes of death among young people over 15 years old and less than 29 years old, and among the top two leading causes of death across the globe among young adolescents and children less than 14 years old.

Annually, no more than 400,000 individuals under 25 years old die on the roads, which is an average per day of more than 1000.

More than 90 percent of all fatalities on the road occur in countries which are low to middle income. This is nearly half of all the vehicles across the globe. Automobile crashes cost more than $500 billion in US dollars across the globe.

This costs each country nearly 2 percent of yearly gross domestic product, or GDP.

Crashes on the road cost low and middle income nations over $60 billion in US dollars per year. This surpasses the total amount in receipts in developmental assistance.

Only when action is taken, automobile traffic injuries can predict to become among the top five leading causes of death within the next decade.

More than 37,000 individuals are killed in automobile crashes annually. Approximately 2 million are disabled or injured.

Nearly 2,000 children under 15 years old die yearly. Approximately 8,000 individuals are killed in car crashes which involve drivers 20 years old or younger.

Automobile crashes cause the United States over $200 billion annually, which is an average of over $800 per individual. Automobile crashes have to be the single greatest cause of death yearly among healthy citizens of United States traveling abroad.

Vehicle accidents are one of the major causes of severe injuries. Approximately 6 million vehicle accidents are reported across the nation.

Nearly 30,000, among these, are normally considered hazardous. Over 2 million involved other injuries. The damage left behind can be quite fatal.

Injuries from automobile accidents can vary from individual to individual, from automobile crash to automobile crash. There are several common ones. Naturally, more specific details for particular cases can be obtained from a physician.

Individuals most often operate a vehicle, or ride in a vehicle with family and friends. Severe automobile crashes typically leave serious emotional scars on individuals, who have suffered severe injuries, as well as individuals who were present to witness them.

Treatment and counseling for post traumatic stress disorder, and psychological injuries which are similar, can be fairly common.

If you or any loved one sustained an injury in an automobile accident, immediately speak with an automobile injury attorney.

The attorney can make an evaluation of your case, and assist you in understanding if money is owed to you to cover any expenses caused by vehicle injuries. It is advisable to seek legal advice immediately. For a no-obligation consultation contact us or call Anzalone Law Firm, PLLC at: 603.548.3797.

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