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Rental Car Accident

Many of us have been in a vehicle accident before. Some even worry about a possible accident, like a highway accident, especially when we travel on the road. No one is prepared to stress over the thought of a rental car collision.

Whether you are traveling or enjoying the scenery around your neighborhood, an automobile accident is never enjoyable. Unfortunately, it does happen, even to those who are considered safe motorists. Whether home or away from home, it’s imperative to take necessary steps to ensure everyone is safe, a claim is filed, and check to see if you can cover damages with your credit card.

Unfortunately car accidents do happen. The most important thing you want to do is ensure you and any individual involved is safe. You, your loved ones and/or family are more important than any vehicle.

Understanding Car Rental Damages and Contracts

Most current contracts states that when you rent a car that you are responsible for any vehicle damage, regardless of how and what caused the damage.

This is why when you rent a vehicle, you need to examine the automobile very carefully, before you leave the rental car lot. You might want to take photos before driving out of the parking lot. You want to note any damage on the form which they give you, and be sure to keep a copy for your records.

If the vehicle gets even the slightest scratch while renting it, the rental car company may charge you for any damage, regardless whether not it was your fault.

The majority of car insurance policies provide coverage when the policyholder is operating the rental car. It is important to read the fine print of your insurance policy to see if it does cover rental cars. If so, what type of coverage is provided?

However, if you can’t figure anything out, be sure to call your car insurance agent. Be certain you understand and are satisfied with the details prior to turning down the offer from the rental company of insurance coverage.

Whether your own car insurance offers coverage or not, many credit card companies actually provide rental car insurance. But, you must rent the vehicle using the card that offers the insurance.

Generally, credit card rental car insurance covers all damage to property. This is regardless of who caused the accident, and may even cover personal injury damage. This depends on the card.

However, note that credit cards at times offer only secondary coverage. This means it covers any damages that go over the limits of your primary insurance policy.

Again, it is important to read carefully your car agreement. You can even call the car issuer, or get details to acquire rental car insurance for credit card holders. Make sure to report any damage or accident instantly to the credit card company.

If you are in an accident, and you are injured, you may want to consider hiring a qualified attorney. At Anzalone Law Firm, PLLC, our attorney will review your insurance claim and see if there are any hidden pitfalls. If you were injured, we might be able, to fight for maximum compensation.

Anyway, if you do cause a vehicle accident, your credit card doesn’t provide sufficient rental car coverage, you don’t have your own car insurance, and you do not purchase the rental insurance from your rental car company, then the rental car company will look to you to reimburse the company for any damage to the vehicle.

And, if any one else was injured during the collision or accident, any damage to the rental vehicle may be the least of any financial concerns you have. If you get injured in a rental car accident, immediately contact a rental car accident attorney in Nashua for further assistance.

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