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Types of Car Accidents

You don’t hear too often of someone who anticipates a vehicle collision. However, when you do, it is likely the last thing on your mind is thinking about a type of automobile accident.

When you’re involved in a vehicle accident, that is when you determine several possible collision injuries.

Crash tests are performed on automobiles in order to deem the safety of every vehicle. Many experts collect information based on vehicle crash types on passenger vehicle occupant fatalities.

Head-on collisions, based on traffic fatalities, can be deemed the most hazardous. Although, based on vehicle injuries, rollover collisions can be considered to be more fatal.

A rollover accident is the result of when a vehicle is tipped onto the roof or side within the duration of an automobile collision.

Recent research indicates rollovers happen in less than 3% of all collisions. This is based on information experts have gathered over the decades, but vouch for only ⅓ of vehicle fatalities.

Rollovers, due to its classification, can take place after a head-on or T-bone collision.

Automobile accidents can occur in a number of situations. Whether it’s on the highways at high-speeds, or traffic during rubbernecking, these accidents can even occur in parking lots, and the sides of roads.

How vehicles collide with other vehicles, objects, and even individuals can impact the resulting injury.

Types of Vehicle Crashes

Traffic accidents which occur when one vehicle crashes into another vehicle in front of it are considered rare-end collisions.

These rear endings can result from sudden braking and slowing down by the primary car, or during acceleration of another vehicle, which is more rapid than the automobile in front.

Being broadsided is the same as a T-bone collision, or side-impact collision. This can happen when the side of the vehicle receives impact by the rear or front of another automobile, or an object that is fixed.

Typically when vehicle sides of two parallel automobiles touch, and maybe even swipe each other, is considered a sideswipe collision.

If both automobiles are traveling in the exact direction, and neither motorist loses automobile control, then the motor vehicles may sustain mere cosmetic damage.

When an automobile flips over onto its roof or side, that is considered a vehicle rollover. Rollovers are normally caused at high-speeds during a sharp turn.

When front ends of both vehicles hit each other, that is considered a head-on collision. These type of collisions are normally fatal.

The occurrence of single car accidents take place typically with just one vehicle. This type of accident normally results in personal injury and property damage.

Also referred to as multi-vehicle collisions, multi-vehicle pileups are crashes that entail a number of vehicles. These pileups typically happen on freeways or highways.


Among the leading causes of all injuries, vehicle accidents result in 6 million collisions reported here in the United States. Approximately 30,000, among these, would be referred to as fatal.

About 2 million crashes involved additional injuries. They result in damage, which can be severe.

If you or a loved one suffer an injury in a vehicle collision, you should immediately contact an experienced automobile injury attorney.

A lawyer can evaluate your case, and provide assistance to discover if funds are owed to you to cover vehicle injury expenses.

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