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Taxi Cab Accidents

The two key types of accidents involving taxi cabs are: a collision in which the driver hits the vehicle you occupy; and a collision in which you are the passenger in the cab.

Legally, the fact a cab is embroiled in the collision does not have effect on your ability to make a vehicle collision claim for sustained injuries.

However, it could have an effect on the outcome of a claim. This is due in part to a taxi driver dependent on operating a cab for a living.

Therefore, they may be more apt to fight liability vigorously than the average motor vehicle operator.

It is a standard accident case of two cars if a cab strikes the vehicle which you are driving, or occupying as a passenger.

As in any case of negligence, the individual bringing a clean must prove two things if he or she is to win the case. These are liability, for the accident who was at fault, and damages, how much the victim was injured.

If you have proof that the cab driver was negligent, then against the cab driver, you can win the case.

Thus, you need to acquire every detail to prove fault for a vehicle collision.

If you happen to be a taxi cab passenger which gets into a collision with another vehicle, that is a case of a standard passenger accident.

Generally, a taxi passenger who sustained injuries in a vehicle collision typically has it easier than the driver. This is due to the fact the passenger doesn’t have to be concerned about liability proof.

It’s a fact that one driver is virtually always liable in these types of accidents.

It is practically impossible to have an accident with two cars without at least one driver being considered negligent.

Gathering Evidence After the Collision

First, after a vehicle accident, you should acquire names and contact information of all witnesses to the collision. A witness can be crucial in a vehicle collision claim.

Second, you should immediately take pictures of the accident scene.

If you have a camera phone or camera, and are mobile, take as many photos of the scene of the accident, as well as the cars involved if you can, with a number of angles prior to leaving the scene.

If you do not have physical ability to take pictures, or you do not own a camera subsequent to injury, ask if another individual has a camera. He or she may be willing to send you the picture through email.

Have a friend or a loved one, otherwise, take photographs immediately.

From the accident scene, you should contact the police.

States across the nation have a law that requires the police to be informed if a vehicle collision causes more than minor property damage or bodily harm.

In a collision with a taxi cab, generally, you will want the collision to be recorded officially immediately.

See if you can insist that all motorists remain on the scene until the arrival of police.

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