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Texting and Driving/Car Accidents Related to Cell Phones

Distracted driving happens anytime a driver takes his/her focus off of driving. Texting and talking on the phone should not be an option for a person when driving. To prevent car crashes, a driver’s focus should be on driving safely at all times. When driving, there should be the least amount of distractions as humanly possible.

Since the advent of text messaging, there has been an influx of car accidents throughout the country. Approximately, 78% of all drivers, who are labeled ‘distracted drivers’, become distracted because of texting. Annually, 421,000 car accidents happen because of distractions. More than 330,000 of those distracted driving accidents happen because of texting while driving.

This has become a major problem in Nashua and all throughout the United States. Although texting while driving in New Hampshire is considered illegal, many drivers are still disobeying the law.

Whether a person is texting a quick reply to a friend or glancing at an important message from a client, there will always be drivers texting on the road. Most drivers who violate the law fail to realize that the moment they take their eyes off the road, for a split second, they can cause a serious car crash.

What are the Texting Laws in New Hampshire?

A person who drives and types a text message or uses both hands to type is guilty of a driver safety violation, according to the state distracted driving law.The fine for breaking the law is $100.

If a driver causes an accident, injures a pedestrian or damages another car, as a result of distracted driving, the driver will be fined $1,000. In addition, the driver’s license may be suspended for up to 12 months.

If you experienced damages to your vehicle or you were seriously injured by another driver who was texting, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Here are a few interesting statistics about distracted drivers who text while operating a vehicle. These statistics were taken from various research data results and driver surveys.

  • 71% of drivers between the ages of 18 - 49 admit they talk or text while driving.
  • 52% of drivers feel less safe on the roads now than previous years. The reason why people feel less safe is because more drivers are distracted by texting and checking emails.
  • Drivers who text message or read messages are 23 times more likely to get involved in a car accident.
  • 90% percent of teen drivers who text and drive admitted they are aware that talking on the phone and texting can increase the risk of a car accident. However, they continue to text and drive.

When drivers text, they are breaking the law and they are a threat to other drivers on the road. If you are suffering from an injury because of a texting driver, you deserve to know your alternatives and obtain the representation you deserve.

We Represent Victims of Drivers who Text While Driving

If you have experienced damages or injuries from an accident, due to a texting driver, you will need experienced legal counseling from a personal injury attorney in Nashua.

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