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Car Tire Blowout Accident

Anyone who’s spent sufficient time driving on any highway is sure to drive by many scattered pieces of a blown-out tire, or tire tread fragments, on a freeway. This is mainly from tractor trailers and trucks.

A car tire blowout accident blowout occurs when a flat tire is damaged severely. The flat tire loses all air pressure immediately, and causes a motorist to lose control. This is why it is among the top causes of auto accidents in New Hampshire.

Most personal injury lawyers specializing in car tire blowout accident claims are aware that fatal and catastrophic accidents involving big rig trucks are usually the result of a serious tire blowout.

Naturally, many of us are aware of defective tires from the Internet and news. However, many of these tires, although designed with defects, may not have blown out if they were inflated the proper way. For a tire manufacturer, this is inexcusable.

Experienced car accident attorneys at Anzalone Law Firm, PLLC strongly advise vehicle owners to check carefully their own set of wheels, the brand of the wheels, and whether or not the wheels are safe for driving.

First thing you want to do is take your vehicle to an esteemed tire dealer for annual inspection, rotation and of course, maintenance.

Daily tire checks are recommended, which is normally as easy as checking if the wheels are inflated properly.

Essentially, if the tire is either soft or nearly flat, a motorist should be able to recognize or feel the problem when driving, long before a fatal auto accident could happen.

Potholes can create car tire blowouts, which cause auto accidents. A large cut can cause severe air loss. A small wheel puncture to the car wheel can allow a slow air loss over time until failure of the tire pressure. The tire can give way if there’s overloading of the vehicle.

Basically, car tire blowouts can occur anytime in New Hampshire. Anything that can severely diminish air pressure, and can prevent the tire from weight support of an automobile will supposedly cause a tire blowout, which could lead to an auto accident. 
Due to improvements in technology of car tires in recent years, car accidents caused by tire blowouts have decreased.

However, when a tire blowout does occur, the auto accident can result in more danger because motorists aren’t accustomed to them as much. After the tire blowout, what a driver does is what can prevent the occurrence of an auto accident.

In a quarter-second’s time, when a car tire has a blowout, the vehicle transforms from a sweet ride to a fatal struggle to stay in control and evade a car accident. More times than not, a motorist can react to the deafening explosion of the tire and react severely. 
A driver can jerk the wheel and slam on the brakes. These actions can cause difficulty to control the vehicles. Losing a quarter of the traction can make sudden vehicle movements a hazardous endeavor.

Driving the speed limit in Nashua, and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles on the road should enable one to navigate a tire blowout successfully and evade a vehicle accident. Cautious driving and suitable planning will provide a better chance to survive the tire blowout without a fatal death vehicle accident.

If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident which was caused by a tire blowout, contact an experienced New Hampshire personal injury lawyer. Contact us for a free legal consultation at: 603.548.3797.

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