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Senior Drivers Car Accidents

There are many seniors that can drive legally, and do so safely. However, cars are dangerous machines and one of our most sensitive subgroups can easily be harmed. Mainly because many families with seniors fail to recognize the signs that their older loved one should no longer be on the roads. It can be a difficult discussion, but the alternative is a scary and dangerous thing. In fact, there have been studies to suggest that senior drivers cause more fatal car accidents than new teen drivers. This is an unsettling statistic.

Seniors can already be in delicate health. So, senior drivers car accidents can cause even more damage to themselves.

There are many reasons that can account for seniors getting into so many accidents. The first is confusion. There have been instances where senior drivers have been confused as to where they are, the speed limit, or even which to use the pedal or the brake. This kind of confusion is dangerous to the senior and the other drivers on the road.

Also, falling asleep at the wheel can have dangerous consequences. Often times, if an older person takes multiple medications, it can cause confusion and even fatigue. A more complex reason that has been cited is a lack of mental dexterity. This is simply how quickly one's mind can make connections and respond. As we get older this decreases and could be the root cause of some accidents.

If you are in an accident with an older person, there are several steps that you should take in order to respond in the best way possible. The first, and most important is to call the authorities before all else if you are in an accident your health is the most pressing concern. Things can be replaced - lives cannot. Once you have been treated medically the next step is to hire a qualified attorney in Nashua, New Hampshire that is prepared to cater to your needs.

You want someone that will take the time to listen to you and will take that same time to explain the choices available to you. It is important to do this step before you try to deal with insurance companies. Even if you do speak to an insurance company, make sure to never sign anything until you have spoken to a lawyer first. Insurance companies are out for themselves, so they are most likely going to offer you less than what you deserve.

Most insurance companies are not looking out for you no matter what any representative says. You have to do the best for ‘you’, and a lawyer can help you make that accomplishment. The lawyer you choose will be on your team working hard for you.

Although we highly respect our elders, you should not be held responsible for damages and the financial burden an accident can cause.

Lawyers for Senior Drivers Car Accidents

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