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Neck Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents

Neck injuries caused by car crashes, often result in soft tissue damage within the neck. These injuries normally require treatment from medical physicians who specialize in neck injuries. Neck injuries normally lead to more extensive injuries, as well as long-term challenges to your whole health. This is why it is vital to speak with a medical professional.

Attorneys at Anzalone Law Firm, PLLC have experience working with plaintiffs who experienced difficulty in neck injury recovery. We have compiled a comprehensive list of certain issues which may arise from injuries sustained in automobile crashes.

However, remember, only medical professionals who are qualified can provide you the necessary information for any recovery.

Understanding Neck Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents

Due to complications, which may arise from any injuries in the neck, this full list of problems normally entail several physical issues, which may arise from neck injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

The neck is among the most vulnerable parts of the human body. Thus, complications usually lead to extensive health problems which do not manifest themselves completely until years subsequent to an automobile accident.

Receiving information of possible extensive effects of neck injuries can always be valuable to one’s well-being. Here are some common neck injuries:

  • Damage to the soft tissue can involve any injury which is not directly to the bone, but instead to ligaments, muscles, or tendons.
  • Damage to the vocal cord, including paralysis, is normally caused by severe impact to the larynx.
  • Injuries to the brain can be affected by an injury to neck arteries, which can limit blood flow to your brain.
  • Burning or tingling sensation on skin with no cause that’s apparent is paresthesia. This is caused normally by slipped disc, which lands on the route of the nerve.
  • Disorders that are emotional or mental can result from nerve damage in the cervical spine.

It is possible to sustain more than one neck injury from an automobile accident. It’s likely some may even result from one another.

Injuries to the neck after an automobile accident, which involved soft tissue damage are typically known not only to persist long after the collision, but the injuries can also cause complications which make it necessary to pursue continuous medical care.

The most recognized type of soft tissue damage from an automobile accident is whiplash. This vastly common injury is usually treated incorrectly by medical staff because at times it is overlooked.

A physician may diagnose whiplash as a strain or neck sprain, but those terms entail other kinds of neck injuries, which may not adequately address the host of symptoms.

“Whiplash associated disorders” can indicate a condition that is more chronic and severe, which may entail mental or emotional issues, as well as severe headaches, back problems, or other persistent physical symptoms.

The voice box, or larynx, is an organ that lives directly behind an Adam’s apple of the throat. When an automobile accident results in an impact to your larynx, it can affect any ability to breath or speak.

Paralysis to the vocal cords is a critical neck injury, which is poorly understood by many medical experts and physicians. If not treated suitably in a timely fashion, paralysis to the vocal cord can become permanent.

Legal Help with Neck Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents

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