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Car Rollover Accidents

Injuries received during car rollover accidents can be fatal. The medical bills, recovery time off of work, and the injury itself can really cause a strain on a person and their family in many ways.

There were over six thousand people who were vehicle passengers that died in rollover crashes in 2014 alone. 28 percent of those accidents did not involve any impact at all. This means there was no collision.

What Is A Rollover Accident?

A car rollover accidents can be described as an accident or crash that causes a vehicle to tip onto one of its sides or the rooftop. There are times when the vehicle rolls over numerous times before coming to a stop. In some situations, the rollover can cause injury due to vehicle ejection. The fatality rates are higher than other vehicle accidents.

According to Consumer Reports, car rollover accidents account for at least 30% of the deaths of people riding in passenger vehicles. Three percent of all serious car accident injuries are from rollover accidents. Rollover crashes are the most deadly accidents.

Causes Of Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents can happen in any vehicle. With that being said, more often than not taller vehicles like trucks, SUVs, vans, and campers are more likely to tip and roll over.

Vehicle rollover accidents are broken down into two separate categories: Untripped and tripped. Let’s start with listing some types of tripped rollover accidents.


Tripped rollover accidents are caused by external forces or objects. For example, a collision with another vehicle or hitting a curb at high speeds.


Unstripped rollover accidents can result from things like friction with the ground, driving at high speeds, turning corners too quickly, and steering input.

Common Rollover Injuries

  • Cuts, Bruises, & Tissue Injuries: Tissue injuries consist of things like torn ligaments, pulled muscles, and pulled or torn tendons.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury & Head Injury: Injuries such as, a fractured skull, bumps - bruises - cuts, and other brain injuries that can have long-lasting or life-long effects.
  • Broken Bones: Broken bones are pretty common in almost every type of vehicle accident but they’re more likely to result from a rollover.
  • Neck Injuries: From whiplash and pulled muscles to severe herniated and slipped discs.
  • Spine Injuries: The heavy blows and strong impacts that result from rollover accidents can leave many forms of spinal injuries some mild and many severe.
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