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Common Injuries in Car Accidents

Whenever you hear about a car accident in New Hampshire, you can expect to hear about th injuries involved. Naturally, this depends on the circumstances of an car crash, and the seriousness of the impact.

Among the most typical and critical injuries suffered by many drivers are acquired brain and head injuries. These are caused by the head being hit, or traumatic brain injury, hitting an object vigorously.

Depending on the extent of the brain damage and affected area, symptoms can be mild, moderate or extreme. There may be no visible cuts or bruises to reveal trauma, but the brain may have been rattled within the skull due to the impactful force to cause swelling, bruising and bleeding of the brain.

Neck injuries can occur in forms that are milder, such as neck strain and whiplash. However, there could also be severe injuries like disc injury and cervical dislocation.

Spinal cord damage can be caused when bone fragments are displaced, disc material, or torn or bruised ligaments into tissue of the spinal cord, and destroyed axons (nerve cells part which carry signals in the spinal cord up and down between the brain and other parts of the body). Spinal cord damage usually results in a function or feeling loss.

The lower back typically sustain the most back injuries. These include strains and sprains, fractured vertebrae and herniated discs. These injuries can limit mobility and cause serious pain.

At times, symptoms of severe back injuries can take time to appear after a vehicle accident. Unfortunately, there can be lasting discomfort and pain due to back pain.

In an automobile accident, facial injuries are common. Other common injuries in car accidents can be caused by the windshield, steering wheel, airbag, dashboard, car seats, side window or shattered glass. These facial injuries range in seriousness from bruises and scrapes, to fractures and lacerations, even severe disorders to affect the jaw and critical dental injuries.

A motor vehicle accident can cause major internal injuries, which include injuries to kidneys, bowels, lungs, the spleen, heart, aorta or liver. Fractured ribs can cause puncture lungs, as well as damage to internal organs. Internal injuries can threaten your life. They should be treated by a physician immediately.

Automobile accidents that entail critical injuries and loss of life, can result in motorists and passengers sustaining short-term or extensive psychological injuries such as persistent anxiety, emotional distress, depression and posttraumatic stress disorder. 
Psychological injuries can have an effect on every aspect of an individual’s life, with long-term effects.

More severe mental injury claims can increase an individual’s damages regarding he or she boosts the claim for medical bills, and maybe even for lost earnings. However, they don’t necessarily increase staggeringly the amount of damages a jury may award for suffering and pain - if a case goes to trial.

Likely, jurors assume a certain amount of mental suffering and pain can go with the territory. For example, if you sustain major physical injury, then it’s likely you will suffer a serious emotional injury as well.

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