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Self Driving Vehicle Accidents

Recently, a United States Senate panel approved legislation, which would permit makers of automobiles to expand greatly self-driving car testing.

Several safety groups are opposed to this proposal. They believe it provides an indulgence of latitude to makers of automobiles.

Many of the incidents demonstrate challenges of self-driving cars to coexist with human drivers and obey traffic laws.

Regardless of severity, all collisions in certain states that entail self-driving vehicles must be reported.

Soon, self-driving cars will revolutionize the ideal of operating a vehicle and automobile ownership. This concept can transform “drivers” into mere passengers.

Accidents which involve self-driving automobiles have already perplexed how each of us perceive automobile accident liability.

The Legislation of Self Driving Cars

The manufacturing of self-driving vehicles are occurring at record speed. Presently, over 20 states have legislation for self-driving vehicles.

Recently, our federal government enacted the first federal policy for automated vehicles. In the policy, the manufacturing specifics are left to companies, but provides uniform safety regulations that entails a voluntary safety checklist with 15 points that automobile manufacturers must sign.

The proposed legislation, according to consumer advocates, is similar to using American motorists as “crash test dummies.”

Within the last two years, a myriad of legislation across the nation has emerged. This encompasses laws in Arizona, which merely require test vehicles to utilize a routine vehicle registration, to regulations in New York which stipulate automobiles to adhere to an approved police escort on a driving route.

The United States House and Senate Commerce Committee, to address several inconsistencies, recently passed federal legislation, which would give congressional oversight over automated vehicles.

Exactly like what Google is proposing, fully autonomous vehicles are much different, as automobile owners may operate with solely passengers.

Some states are implementing legislation for self-driving vehicles by allowing completely autonomous automobiles on the road. In several states, licensed motorists aren’t permitted to be within any self-driving vehicle.


Among the leading causes of all injuries, vehicle accidents result in 6 million collisions reported here in the United States. Approximately 30,000, among these, would be referred to as fatal.

About 2 million crashes involved additional injuries. They result in damage, which can be severe.

Several of them are more common than others. Thus, it’s best to contact a physician for more specific cases and information.

For the most part, the majority of individuals across the state either drive an automobile, or ride with family and loved ones.

Crucial vehicle collisions can leave immense emotional scars on those who have sustained these injuries. Individuals who witness automobile crashes can be affected as well.

Counseling and medical treatments for psychological injuries, post traumatic stress disorder, and similar injuries can essentially be common.

If you or a loved one suffer an injury in a vehicle collision, you should immediately contact an experienced automobile injury attorney.

A lawyer can evaluate your case, and provide assistance to discover if funds are owed to you to cover vehicle injury expenses. Contact us for a free consultation or call Anzalone Law Firm PLLC, at: 603.548.3797.

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