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Drunk Driving Car Accident Injuries

There are a number of awareness campaigns which expose the hazards of drunk driving. Unfortunately, an unacceptable number of drivers choose to consume liquor prior to putting the car in drive.

Approximately 28 individuals lose their lives daily, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, because of inebriated motorists. This is the equivalent to one death per 53 minutes.

Victims fortunate enough to survive can normally face a crucial battle to recovery. Many can never return to work. Others may spend a serious amount of money on medical bills.

A collision in drunk driving can cause injury in nearly any body part. However, the following areas are especially vulnerable: Brain, neck, chest, spinal cord, and legs and knees.

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Here is an overview of some common injuries sustained in drunk driving accidents:

  • As far as spinal injuries are concerned, the effects depend on severity and location. In addition to paralysis (partial or complete), a back injury can cause a rupture or slip in discs, which can cause severe pain and damage in the nerve.
  • Typically, injuries to legs and knees occur in collisions of side-impact. Torn ligaments, broken bones and shattered knees can cause extensive complications. Many victims have permanent difficulties walking. They cannot live active lifestyles once enjoyed prior to the crash.
  • Necks are basically vulnerable in an automobile crash. Whiplash may be the most vastly reported neck injury, but there are far more serious wounds. The impact of a car collision can harm the trachea or destroy the larynx. This can cause permanent damages related to breathing, moving and eating.
  • Chest injuries to the sternum and ribs are typical in high-speed automobile crashes. Hence, the importance of seatbelts. Seatbelts protect the chest from impacting the steering wheel or dashboard. If broken bones puncture vital organs, they can threaten your life.
  • Crashes in drunk driving can cause long-term cognitive disabilities. Traumatic brain injuries, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, can occur when an accident causes a jolt in the neck, or when the head impacts the steering wheel, dashboard or side window. Projectiles can cause penetration in the skull.

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A lawsuit can be a process that is complicated and baffling. There are times when a lawsuit is filed merely days or weeks after a motor vehicle accident, and you may even be served with lawsuit papers. A lawsuit may even be filed years after the automobile accident.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation for your drunk driving car accident injuries. We will sit down with you and evaluate your claim. We might be able to help you win maximum compensation for your injuries.

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