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Uber & Ride Share Car Accidents

As one of the most known rideshare services, Uber claims to promote road safety, yet, it can also includes a great amount of danger to drivers, and passengers.

Maybe you have wondered what happens when a driver gets in an accident while carrying passengers around. Maybe you even wondered who actually pays for any damage or injuries in a car accident.

Many passengers assume that Uber drivers are professional drivers, similar to taxi drivers. In reality, even though they drive to earn a living and have a good driving record to prove their skills, many do not possess a specialized or commercial driving license. Having a special license is not required for Uber drivers to do their jobs. Therefore, just like any other driver, there is a probability that they will make mistakes and cause an accident when they get behind the wheel.

Sometimes, the drivers are distracted by their smartphones as they try using it for navigation and the confirmation of pick and drop off their customers.

Some Uber drivers may be underinsured or not insured at all. Many people are up in arms over the loophole in the company's insurance policy. For example, if you are hurt in a Uber car accident, which involves a rideshare driver, the possibility that you will be duly compensated for the cost of your injury cannot be guaranteed unlike the conventional taxi or car services. Taxis and car services have the necessary insurance to cover passengers in case of a car accident.

Although, a Uber insurance settlement may be difficult to obtain however, if the accident is another driver's fault, you may file a claim against their policy. If it is the share driver's fault, you may be entitled to seek compensation from the driver or the rideshare service's insurance policies. You can file a claim for the medical expenses as well as emotional distress and mental anguish, property damage (when applicable), wage loss etc.

Ride sharing accidents happen like any other collisions, which comes as the result of speeding, tailgating, inexperienced driving, erratic change of lanes, drunk driving. In a bid to earn a high rating, many Uber drivers engage in speeding, distracted driving and reckless maneuvers to get to the clients destination as quickly as possible.

According to certain statistics, Uber is said to “make the road safer”. In addition, researchers at Stonehill and Providence Colleges reported that Uber influenced a decrease in DUIs by 62% in some cities and a 16% decline in a year for traffic fatalities.

As a driver or passenger, it is advisable to check the website of the rideshare company to make sure that they are properly insured.

If you have been injured in Uber & Ride Share car accidents, we want to help fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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