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Car Towing Accidents

There are many thoughts that enter the mind of a driver after experiencing a car accident, especially a serious accident. The first thought is usually amazement that you actually survived the accident in one piece. Not everyone is that fortunate. The second thought is whether or not your vehicle is actually operable. After discovering there is absolutely no way you can drive the vehicle, the third thought is how much is it going to cost to get it towed. Here are two steps to consider first for car towing accidents:

Step #1

Determine whether your insurance company will actually cover the accident towing fees. If it is determined, by your insurance company, that the automobile accident was your fault, they may not cover the fees.

There are even cases when an insurance company will not cover an accident victim’s request to cover towing fees, even if there was no fault. If this sounds like your situation, you will need access to a good Nashua accident attorney who will help fight for your right for full compensation.

If you live in New Hampshire, and your accident happened within a reasonable distance from your home, your insurance may cover the cost. However, if your accident didn’t happen near Nashua, and it happened out of state, that’s usually considered an out-of-pocket expense on your part. Regardless of the outcome, you should still consider hiring a lawyer to review your claim. A lawyer might be able to help you gain full compensation or at least partial compensation.

Step #2

Ask your automobile insurance company to either call or recommend a company for you that’s in the Nashua area. Calling your insurance company for a recommendation can help avoid potential problems. If you fail to mention about towing coverage to the insurance company, there are a couple of things that could transpire:

In the event you do not feel like enduring the hassle of asking your insurance company about towing, you can call AAA or pay for a towing company on your own, and hope the insurance company will reimburse you for the expense. The problem with this option is there is no guarantee coverage for car towing accidents.

Sometimes, when there is a car accident involved, a towing service will automatically arrive at the scene of an accident, if one is available. The towing company may hear about the accident on a police scanner or they may be automatically dispatched.

As mentioned previously, if you put in an insurance claim to cover for damages, injuries (if the accident resulted in injuries) and towing fees, and they deny towing coverage, hire an attorney. The attorneys at Anzalone Law Firm, PLLC will review your claim and determine whether or not you should pursue your insurance company for towing fees.

If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident and you are having a difficult time getting your accident claim approved contact us or call 603.548.3797 for a free legal consultation.

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