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Vacuum Assisted Delivery Error

Normally confronted with challenging decisions, physicians must utilize the most efficient means of care on hand when considering customized circumstances of one patient at a time.

Vacuum assisted delivery can be among the most difficult when labor or delivery is prolonged. It should be used as a last resort prior to a C-section.

Failure to monitor for complications a newborn, or improper use of vacuum instruments can result in severe injuries, due to vacuum assisted delivery error.

Birth injury medical malpractice attorneys can represent individuals who were harmed because of acts of negligence of medical practitioners. Attorneys with expertise and skills understand the financial burden and emotional suffering which can accompany sustained injuries during delivery to an infant.

Vacuum Extraction Sustained Injuries

Due to inadequate or improper training, and human error, a number of sustained injuries occur.

Some hemorrhage or swelling can be expected because of the force exertion on the head of a child through pressure and suction from the cervix of the mother during childbirth. However, more critical injuries can be caused by the improper use of equipment for delivery.

The following injuries can be due to vacuum extraction, such as: cerebral palsy; Erb’s palsy; fetal stroke; epilepsy; damage to the brain; fractures to the skull; and with possible vision impairment, bleeding behind the retinas.

The failure to assess properly and diagnose any conditions or complications after childbirth, and any vacuum assisted delivery error can impact the severity and kind of sustained injuries. 

Many vacuum extractions ‍administered properly can result in injuries that are minor, which resolve themselves with adequate monitoring to make certain the levels of bilirubin in a child, and count of red blood cells remain normal.

More critical injuries, like fractures, indicate that the doctor administering the medical procedure may result in sustained injuries through inappropriate use of the instruments.

In order to file a claim for vacuum assisted delivery error, you must prove that the physician attending neglected to do what another reasonable physician under identical circumstances would have done.

A proof of deviation from standard of care is an aspect that is the most challenging of a case for medical malpractice, and it is crucial that a birth injury attorney with success in previous cases represent you. 

Birth injury medical malpractice attorneys have the knowledge to use various experts in the field of medicine to examine your case carefully, and provide a winning testimony to support your legal claim, and determine accurately the value of the lawsuit.

Throughout the state of New Hampshire, attorneys serve clients who are in need of assistance to recover damages for themselves and loved ones.

Attorneys have the ability to assist you personally in order to review the necessary details related to your case.

Attorneys can work diligently for your medical malpractice lawsuit to help you take your case before a judge, as well as collect damages and settle your lawsuit on your behalf.

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