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Patients Injured Due to Misread X-Ray and Ultrasound

In order for a physician to gain a better understanding of what occurs inside patient’s body, he or she may need to get MRIs, slides, ultrasounds, or x-rays.

These procedures in radiology can assist doctors to discover conditions, such as broken bones, tumors, or internal bleeding.

Although these procedures can save lives, results need to be read correctly in order for life-saving to be possible.

If a patient has a misread slide, ultrasound, or x-ray, this can result in he or she sustaining a catastrophic injury, or a delay in treatment or diagnosis.

Attorneys with experience and skills represent clients who have sustained a severe injury due to the following: misread MRIs; misread CT scans; misread ultrasounds; misread mammograms; and misread x-rays.

If you or a member of the family has suffered a catastrophic injury, or death was involved due to a medical professional committing a radiological error, and attorney can assist you promptly.

The individual held liable for sustained injuries should be held accountable for his or her actions.

These medical tests are utilized for a vast array of reasons.

These medical tests can determine whether you have sustained organ damage, broken bones, brain injuries, internal injuries, osteoporosis, cancer, or any illness that is life-threatening, such as HIV.

The medical tests can determine whether your baby is going to have to sustain a fatal or serious condition, whether a woman can get pregnant, whether an individual is allergic to anything which could cause a deadly reaction, or whether your high blood pressure or cholesterol is placing you at risk for a heart attack.

Consequences can be far-reaching when an error is made on these tests. Your well-being and health can be severely adverse in impact as a result.

Consequences will fluctuate depending on what was missed when an X-ray or test is misread.

Tests need to be administered, prior to doctors being able to interpret test results, and then managed by lab technicians who, unfortunately, may commit their own errors.

Granted, it is expected for mistakes to be made by a human being; thus, it is reasonable for a lab to check results multiple times, to ensure that tests are properly administered before handing the physician these tests.

Then, it is up to a physician to interpret information properly, and diagnose the medical condition or injury for you to receive the most adequate treatment.

The most respected and esteemed personal injury attorneys represent patients in the thousands across the state who sustained catastrophic injuries and complications, due to physicians being unable to offer an accurate diagnosis for patients injured due to misread x-ray and ultrasound.

If you have sustained injuries, or a family member passed away due to a catastrophic medical errors, attorneys can contest on your behalf to make certain that you received compensation and justice, which you are entitled to for lost wages, the cost of your health treatment, rehabilitative therapy, out-of-pocket expenses, suffering in pain, and extensive care.

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