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Surgical Error Malpractices

We place plenty of trust in physicians and their medical teams when we are scheduled for a surgical procedure. Literally, our lives are placed in the hands of medical professionals. The overall purpose of having a surgical procedure done is to improve your health and quality of life. No one anticipates going into surgery to be injured in any way shape or form.

Granted, there is no guarantee in any operative procedure, but it is reassuring to know when doctors adhere to reliable technique, any likelihood of medical errors, such as mistakes during surgery, can be vastly diminished.

Surgeons may not be responsible for all bad outcomes or complications, but they are responsible for injuries and death results, when errors they commit deviate from the standard of care. When they fail, in other words, to act reasonably as medical professionals.

What Should You Do When You’re Injured During a Medical Procedure?

The first thing you don’t want to do is to sign or submit any paperwork regarding your medical injury claim by your insurance company or any hospital representative. Contact a qualified personal injury lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice or surgical error malpractices. We will take the time to review your claim thoroughly to see if there are any loopholes that may prevent you from obtaining the full compensation you or a loved one deserves.

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Poor Outcome is Not Always a Medical Error

Personal injury surgical error attorneys can assist you to clear up any questions you may have. They can tell you the difference between unpreventable mistakes, and negligence due to improper care.

These conditions deserve further investigation, and may attribute to errors committed by the physician or a surgical staff member: unknown origin of fractured bones; organs punctured or cut which weren’t part of the procedure; errors with anesthesia; unknown origin of burns; catastrophic postoperative infection; wrong body part operation; and surgical instruments left behind.

Some errors, unfortunately, happen that are referred to as never events. This means that the errors occurred, although they never should’ve happened. Surgeries of a wrong site and wrong patient nature aren’t merely urban legend.

A recent study researched the cause of similar incidents in surgical error malpractices. Researchers examined surgeries of 25 wrong patient operations, and nearly 110 wrong site operations administered within a four-year period.

The conclusion of the research of misplaced surgery causes were as follows:

  • In about 85% in surgeries of wrong site was judgment.
  • Among wrong patient cases, communication was cited at 100% as a result of error.
  • For medical error, diagnosis was listed as among the causes in more than half of surgeries involving wrong patients.

In addition, performing the wrong procedure, and leaving inside a patient a foreign object, are considered events.

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