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People with Nerve Damage from Surgical Error

The human body has the amazing ability to recover from a variety of wounds and injuries, normally repairing muscle damage, tissue and bone, and regenerating through a healing process that is natural.

However, the nervous system doesn’t seem to be as resilient, and the majority of damage to a nerve can cause permanent affliction.

Throughout the entire body, nerves run in order to enable communication of our brain to muscles and organs. During procedures, surgeons must be careful not to sever or nick the nerves operating through the area during surgery.

Surgical era personal injury attorneys know the degree of catastrophe, which can occur when a patient awakes after the operation with nerve damage.

The Purpose of the Central Nervous System

Nerves enable the brain to control various body areas, but they are also the means through which brains are aware of what occurs within the human body (internally and externally).

Nerves transport signals back to our brains which communicate temperature variances, balance, pain, location, and texture.

This is the information which enables us to know our surroundings, and to identify when we feel ill or sustain injuries.

Connections in the millions are produced through neurotransmission from the neurons, with the use of a process of electrochemicals in both directions to transmit messages.

It is impossible, when a nerve becomes harmed, for a signal to transport through it. This can have an impact on circulation, the function of organs, and motor function.

Nerves, unlike bone or muscle tissue, cannot regenerate, and not able to be repaired.

Scientists are still attempting to come to an understanding of the body response to damage of nerves, to achieve development of treatment that is effective in regeneration, or repair of nerve cells.

What they come to identify is that the brain transmits special cells of immunity to the site of the injury of the nerve, tasked with clearing the area, and cleaning up dead cells.

The results of this process can also be the formation of scar tissue, which severs effective communication that goes beyond permanent injury.

Nerve damage from surgical error is grounds for pursuing a lawsuit for medical malpractice. However, making certain mistakes can destroy your case, and result in damage loss, never heard by the court judge, or simply, your case being tossed out of court. Losing your case or money due to a negligent or ineffective attorney can be a frustrating experience.

The best attorneys can ensure you gain the justice and respect you deserve, and help you recover financial compensation. Medical professionals should be held liable for medical malpractice.

Personal injury malpractice attorneys prepare each and every case whether or not it goes to trial. The attorneys completely prepare and review a solid case to prove medical malpractice, and the extent of damages, pain and suffering as a result.

A respected law firm is not afraid to go to trial, and will assertively fight to get you the entitled compensation, and hold certain parties liable for careless and negligent actions.

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